England from the air June  2010

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - June 2010

1st June -  Hurricane season is upon us again - apparently all the indications are for a very active season with a high number of hurricanes - the sea surface temperature is already at last years high and it's only the beginning of summer; El Nino has finished and the trade winds haven't been as high as normal so wind shear may be low.

1st - 14th June - Spent time in Prickly Bay - preparing Superted for haul out and we also managed to get the galley varnished.  We did watch a couple of the world cup football games but weren't terribly impressed! We met up with a few old friends - some we hadn't seen for a while.  Larry & Marlo on Beatrice arrived for a short time - we hadn't seen them since new year so it was good to catch up - they introduced us to some English friends of theirs who, as it turned out, had crewed on our first Superted just after we had sold it - small world! 

16th June - Arrived St David's. 

18th June - Haul Out Grenada Marine, St David's.  Got the rudder off to inspect and repair the bottom bearing.  Fortunately we were able to borrow an aircon unit for the boat - otherwise it would have been unbearable to stay on the boat on the hard in the heat and humidity with mosquitoes and flies in abundance!

24th June - Flight back to the UK - I had forgotten how neat England looks from the plane.  We had set off from Grenada in heavy rain and leaden skies and were delighted to arrive to blue sky and sunshine. 

25th - 30th June - Stayed with friends Ann & John.  Just so we didn't get withdrawal symptoms we sailed with them in a couple of races - Royal Southampton pursuit race and MYC evening race.  It was good to catch up with friends from the area.  Because of the good weather we were able to eat out for most meals and had a BBQ with Bruce & Debby.  Also had a lovely Indian curry which we really miss out on in the Caribbean.  Unfortunately I kept forgetting to take a camera so have no photos!

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Lifting out at Grenada Marine  

 Superted V:  12.27.50N   61.29.50W             Matt and Jean: 50.36.08N  01.20.44W