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Blog & Photos - January 2010

Jan1st - New Years Day walk in Bequia to clear our heads once we managed to lift them (strong stuff that caribbean rum!)

Jan 2nd to Jan 18th - Back to St Lucia - trolled 2 lines all the way there again - but no fish - even after having bought new pink and white 'squidlies'.  Visited several places in St Lucia whilst waiting for our first visitors of the year - Ann & John.

Jan 19th - Ann & John arrive at Vieux Fort, St Lucia.  Grand sunset so they saw their first green flash (even before too many G & T's were consumed!)  Spent a few days visiting St Lucia before heading up to Martinique for a bit of French experience and a couple more green flashes. 

Jan 22nd - Left one French island for some others - Les Saintes.  Sailed past Dominica - in the travel books it says the best place to see whales is off the south east corner of Dominica - in fact it says you are 95% guaranteed to see some (and if not then you will see dolphins) so we all put our whale spotting hats on and guess what - yes we did see ONE solitary pilot whale. Spent a few days in Les Saintes playing in the water and walking.  More teaching of the great art of noodling!  John enjoyed it so much he even took the noodle snorkelling! 

Jan 25th - Headed up to Guadeloupe to spend some time snorkelling at the Jacques Cousteau Marine Park and a bit more walking.  Picked up a buoy at the park but it was rather choppy to say the least (in fact there was a great big swell and quite windy) so in the end opted for anchoring off the mainland and taking the dinghy in to the island to snorkel.

Jan 27th - Another fast sail to Antigua.  Anchored in Falmouth Harbour where superyachts were gathered in their thousands (well quite a few anyway) to take part in a superyacht race.  After a visit to Nelson's dockyard in English Harbour we hiked up to one of the highest points in Antigua to watch the racing.  We sat and watched as a total of 5 boats set off in the race - it was a bit windy so maybe some of them got a bit scared!

Jan 29th - Ann & John leave for U.K. See flotsam for full itinerary. 


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