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Blog & Photos - February 2010

  Antigua Month!!

As we dropped Ann and John off in Antigua and were going to be picking up our next visitors also in Antigua we decided to stay in the country but to visit Barbuda whilst we were waiting. 

Barbuda is one of those islands with a one horse town (actually I think they have more than one horse because they do have horse racing every so often) but beautiful beaches and empty anchorages.  The last time we visited we anchored off a pristine white sand beach 11 miles long on the west side of the island.  This time we decided to go to the south side and anchor in amongst the reefs - a tricky sail but great reward.  On the way up we had caught a couple of fish - a barracuda which we put back due to the possibility of toxic poisoning (some of the predators of the reef fishes from Martinique to the BVI's are prone to ciguatera poisoning) but we did catch a little tunny for dinner.  As soon as we anchored Matt filleted the fish and put the remains back into the gin clear water.  A few minutes later we noticed a large barracuda swimming around the back of the boat - he had consumed the remains of the fish and obviously was wondering whether there was any more free food going!  After that he came to visit us on a regular basis! We spent a very pleasant 5 days there - just like being on holiday!

9th February back to Antigua - caught a horse eyed jack which we threw back again because of the risk of ciguatera.

11th February  - Wind strength dropped and changed to a westerly .  Soufriere volcano in Montserrat threw ash 5 miles up into the atmosphere.  Being to the east of Montserrat we got a covering of ash - everywhere!  No rain in sight - over the next few days got some of it off using sea water but the ropes, spreaders etc still covered.

14th February - met up with friends from our yacht club in the UK - Debby and Bruce and some friends of theirs and spent a good day on board Superted catching up on all the latest news from back home.  Lunch and snorkelling at Nonsuch Bay.  Bruce & Tim had a treat helping our friend Chris on Hogfish tow Sweetheart, a Carriacou workboat from Falmouth to English Harbour.

17th February - Sue and David joined us on board in Falmouth Harbour. 

18th - 23rd February - A great time sailing round Antigua - stopping off at some fabulous locations (again amongst the reefs) and noodling, kayaking, snorkelling, walking etc etc. Sue got wholeheartedly into new water sports - sometimes trying two at once!   David and Matt did a few dives from the boat.  When we dropped Sue and David off in Jolly Harbour they spent a few days in a hotel - for which I think they were grateful - we had worn them out with all the activity! Hard work this cruising lark! 

24th February - had a good sail up to St Martins in a (very unusual) south westerly wind - just got through the bridge into the lagoon in Simpson Bay as the heavens opened with some longed for rain.  We got a thorough soaking whilst anchoring so thought we might as well just get the cloth out and clean off all that remaining volcano dust! 

28th February - celebrated our first year living on board Superted V. 

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