What's in a name?


Having been shopping in St George's , Grenada , I made my way to the bus station to get the number 1 back to Prickly Bay . It was Monday mid afternoon and the schools had just closed so the buses were very busy. I climbed aboard the bus but was moved three times so the conductor could pack in as many people as possible by juggling the different sizes around! I settled in my final seat between the driver and a very nice young local lady. Making conversation along the way, I enquired what she did – maths teacher – and what the school and children were like – great – it was a convent school from which she had graduated and gone back to teach – discipline was very strict she told me. She then started questioning me on my own beliefs and told me how much she would like to meet me in heaven etc – it was starting to get a bit too heavy for me – I had no problem with her religion and beliefs but here was I a captive or should I say trapped audience being implored to repent my sins and let my light shine through!


To change the subject I asked whether she came from Grenada – oh yes but she had a very mixed ancestry. Her father's grandfather was from India and her mother's grandfather was from Scotland . Oh I said that's interesting I also have a mixed family – I'm English and my husband is Scottish and our children were born in South Africa . Well she said if your husband is Scottish you must have heard of the name of Findlay ? Findlay ? Well yes that's my name – Amelia Findlay! Can you believe that I said – that's my surname too – how spooky is that? Oh it's not spooky it's God sent she said. Well we could be distant relations I said – at this she went a little whiter – yes maybe………….perhaps it was the thought of being related to such a sinner that made her go a little pale!





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