Passage on the Indian Ocean

Superted V Blog & Photos September 2015

1 - 6 Continuation of 1500 nm passage to Cocos Keeling - see flotsam

7 - 15 Chilled out time relaxing in Cocos Keeling. Cocos is a dependant island of Australia - a group of 4 island atolls 1700 miles from the mainland. There is only one island which can accommodate cruising boats - Direction Island - uninhabited but with an interesting history. In 1901 it became a main point in the newly laid undersea telegraphic communications set up from Australia across the Indian ocean and on to the UK. During the first world war, it was taken over by a party of Germans from the vessel Emden who destroyed most of the telecommunications system. Allegedly the Germans were very gentlemanly about the whole procedure and destroyed the tower in such a way that it wouldn't fall on the tennis court! These days the palm fringed beach sees no more activity than cruisers socialising at sundown and tourists from the other two inhabited islands soak up the atmosphere when they arrive on the twice weekly ferry.

We took a wet dinghy ride across the lagoon to Home Island - a small Muslim community where we found mini supermarkets with car parks full of golf buggies. The supply ship from Australia arrives once every two weeks so that's the time to go across and get some fresh produce but it is incredibly expensive - how the locals can afford it I don't know. As the wind was blowing strongly for most of our time there we didn't make it across to the main island - West island - as it would've involved a very wet dinghy ride across to Home island then a ferry across to West. We had great snorkelling in clear water - a fun fast flow through the 'rip' where lots of large fish and sharks hang out.

15 - 25 Sept - 2000nm passage to Rodrigues - see flotsam (after a stewards enquiry into the validity of some of the daily mileage taken from the GPS trip log, the mileage has been corrected according to the actual lat and long positions!)

19th Sept -: A very important announcement:

Mr & Mrs M Findlay are absolutely delighted to announce the engagement of their daughter Helen to Mr James Bale , son of Mr & Mrs T Bale on 19th September 2015


25 - 30 Sept - Rodrigues. Probably the lesser known of 3 Indian ocean islands - the other two being Mauritius and Reunion. Great little place - locals mainly of African descent - Creole being the common spoken language along with French and a smattering of English. Very Caribbean feel but very friendly. There's a wall along the wharf where some cruisers prefer to go rather than be at anchor but there's no room on the wharf when the supply ship is in so everyone has to anchor in the small anchorage. It's such a small harbour that when the supply ship leaves everyone has to move out of the anchorage and wait outside the bay to keep clear of the ship! We arrived in time for Saturday market - a colourful affair full of lovely fresh local produce. We took a bus across to the other side of the island at Port Sud Est where we were fed and entertained with local music, dancing and kite surfing demonstrations at a Sea Fest - a very chilled relaxing day but a white knuckle bus ride back!


                         Position on 30 September S19.40.728 E063.25.229














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