Russ and Helen

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - September 2010

1st to 4th  - Stayed in Bonaire and enjoyed more diving with friends from yachts Nemo and Pipestrelle. 

4th - Sailed to Curacao to have life raft serviced.  Anchored in Spanish Waters which is quite a crowded anchorage where the holding is not very good so provides much entertainment when the winds get up and swirl about!  Note about liferaft. When it was opened for inspection the relief valve for the lower tube fell on the floor leaving a 1" dia hole. This must have been manufacturing fault - thank goodness we had it serviced! Avon have been less than helpful!  Fortunately we were able to arrange a new valve from Ocean Safety which our visitors to brought out.

4th - 9th - Curacao - visited the capital - Willemstad which is just like being in Holland in summer - lots of pavement cafes and lovely restored dutch colonial architecture.  Willemstad is divided by a narrow deep water channel - St Anna Bay - the eastern region of Punda (Point) being joined to the western area of Otrabanda (Other side) by the only floating pontoon bridge in the world - opened in 1888, there was originally a toll of 2 cents for crossing except for the 'shoeless' who went free (we did actually see a few people crossing without shoes despite the fact that it is now free for everyone).  Fascinating to watch parts of the bridge opening and the boats racing through.

10th - Back in Bonaire - Helen and Russell Tribe joined us for 2 weeks. 

12th - Sailed back to Curacao to deliver liferaft valve. 

12th - 15th - Did the tourist bit in Curacao with Helen and Russ visiting the Venezuelan floating market in Willemstad and some of the beautifully restored pastel coloured buildings - in the museum Russ and Matt took a liking to some of the ladies but I think Matt go the better deal (see photos).

17th - Back in Bonaire - hired bicycles and did a 22 mile tour of the south of the island - visiting the saltpans and clusters of very small slave huts which were built in 1850 to house slaves working on the saltpans - not much bigger than dog kennels with just a small opening for a door and a small window it is hard to imagine how the slaves survived.   Found a very nice (and most welcome) bar and lunch stop with a swim to massage our aching parts.

18th - Jean's birthday - we hired a Harley Davidson (Fatboy 1340cc - which even had the registration '82MF').  Had great fun biking around the whole of Bonaire.  Unfortunately we had a wild wind reversal in the evening and it was not possible to leave the boat (and probably impossible to land the dinghy safely) so birthday dinner was on board but a very enjoyable evening despite the howling wind and rain!

19th - 22nd - Sailed back east to one of the Venezuelan islands - Aves de Sotovento - and spent a couple of days in the very remote but beautiful reef anchorages.  Bartered with local fishermen for lobster and introduced Helen and Russ to noodling.

24th - Helen and Russ flew back to the UK. 

22nd - 30th - Back in Bonaire - spent time doing boats jobs but also managed to get in a few more dives!

                Lat and Long at the end of September:          12.09.0N   68.23.0W   


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