September  2009 

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Blog & Photos - September 2009

1st - 15th September - we continued our tour of Tobago - visiting different bays (Man Of War, Pirates, Englishman's Bay and our favourite Castara) and taking the opportunity to do some walking in the rain forest - picking fruits along the way to keep up our energy levels with bananas, oranges, mangoes and avocados. On several occasions we came across small waterfalls - a pleasant change to be able to swim in fresh water and cool off from the heat of the jungle. Meeting up with other cruisers, we had beach BBQ's (or braais with South Africans) - often with a very international crowd and often with fish and lobster bought from the local fishermen.

As we sailed down to the south west of the island, the land flattened out with white sand beaches in between rocky outcrops. We stayed over in Plymouth (the first English capital of Tobago) where we visited Fort James and the famous tombstone of Betty Stiven dated 1783 which states "She was a mother without knowing it and a wife without letting her husband know it, except by her kind indulgence to him". Further down on the west coast we came to Buccoo Bay (famous for it's reef and the annual goat race which is held at Easter)  and Pigeon Point before arriving at Store Bay which is popular with Trinidadians as well as international visitors - lots of hotels.

16th Sept - Set off from Store Bay early in bright sunshine to head down to Trinidad - a day's sail away - and our first proper downwind sail. This was the opportunity we wanted to try out our head sail on the pole - it worked really well. We'd only been going for a couple of hours when the sky darkened and the wind got up and went ahead - just before the squall came through we managed to get the headsail away and brought out the staysail - after an hour or so the squall went through, the wind went behind so out came the headsail again on the pole - another couple of hours later and the sky darkened again and the heavens opened.....As the rain cleared we finally got a glimpse of Trinidad - rain forest! As we came around the Boca (between the offshore islands) the current was running about 4 knots against. We spent the night in Scotland Bay which is a fjord-like bay surrounded with rain forest and woke up to the sound of Howler monkeys, Turkey vultures circling overhead and Caribbean martins sitting in the rigging (thank goodness it wasn't the vultures in the rigging!)

17th Sept - On to Chaguramus which was our reason for coming to Trinidad to work on the boat. It's a bit like being anchored near the docks in Southampton water with all the marinas and chandleries around.

17th - 30th Sept - Spent time searching out supplies, materials etc for the boat but more about Chaguramus and Trinidad in October.....     


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Tobago SunsetRefreshing waterfall Oranges Papaya Preparing a braai Local fishermen gutting the days' catch Liming at the BBQ More liming Fort James, Plymouth Betty Stiven's Tombstone in Plymouth Buccoo Reef Goat Racecourse Last sundowner on Tobago Downwind at last First sight of Trinidad Scotland Bay Boca current Chaguramus Chaguramus 2 Chaguramus 3

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