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Blog & Photos - October 2010

1st to 6th  - Bonaire - More diving and celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on 4th!  Regatta week with lots of partying. 

6th - 12th October - Back in Spanish Waters in Curacao.  Seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time provisioning! - see flotsam.   10/10/10 Bonaire became a municipality of Holland and Curacao became an independent state within the Dutch kingdom.

12th October - Weather looking good with 25 knot easterlies forecast so decided to head straight for Cartagena in Colombia.  Took us just under 3 days (468 miles).  Just had the genoa up most of the way with a nice 25 knots behind.  However as we left the waters around Aruba the wind got up and the seas started to build – the first night we had somewhere between 25 and 35 knots and quite boisterous seas – this went on all the next day with the sea state getting more and more agitated!  At one point during the first night I was sitting on watch looking at the stern (trying to learn a bit of Spanish from my ipod) – all I could see was the surf swishing all around lit up with the stern light – I decided it was better not to look!  Occasionally we had a set of real humdingers which threw the boat around a bit!  The noise was tremendous.  Thank goodness we were going with it rather than into it!  At one point on the second night I put the laptop, the hand held VHF and GPS in the oven as the fork lightning was getting a bit too close for comfort!  Then as we turned the corner low and behold the seas were quite calm and the wind dropped – luxury!  By then we had about 100 miles to go but it meant we would be arriving in the dark so we tried to slow down a bit – just the genoa again but around 10 o'clock there was a tremendous squally thunderstorm and the wind did a 360 degree turn so we had to take the sail down – when that went through there was no wind at all so we ended up slowly motoring.  The rest of the night we watched an amazing lightning show! Too rough for fishing but had to clear the decks each morning of flying fish!

15th to 28th October - Cartegena is much bigger than I imagined it be – it's a large city and the skyline is like Hong Kong or Singapore – but with a beautiful old area of the city inside the walls. We spent time being tourists and visiting churches, museums, forts and convents besides people watching and enjoying the local food and entertainment.  It's a cocktail of vibrant contrasts - a city full of beautiful wooden balconies overflowing with flowers, huge wooden doors opening on to fabulous airy courtyards, street vendors shouting their wares - from fruit to emeralds, cars and carts vie for road space and peaceful shady parks afford a place to watch the world go by.  In between all the sightseeing we did work on the boat - finally sorted out the chart table post and bookshelves - it's looking good!

                Lat and Long October 30th:          10.28.40N    75.28.81W 


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