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Blog & Photos - November 2010

1st  - 8th November - Spent sitting out some bad weather in the Bay of Chalon - about 20 miles south of Cartagena.  As we dropped anchor we were approached by another cruiser inviting us to the happy hour which was held on an old shrimp boat.  The owner, Robert, had arrived some 20 years previously from the States and had never left.  What a fabulous evening we had - we were entertained by some excellent music from a group of cruisers as well as a Colombian couple who were staying on the shrimp boat.   Took the dinghy through the mangrove passage to the village of Baru.

8th November - Left Chalon in a good breeze but very lumpy seas and headed for San Blas (kuna Yala) in Panama - about 130 miles southwest.  Again we had a fast sail and had to slow down in the early hours of the morning in order to be able to see the reefs as we headed in to the islands.

8th - 11th November - spent a lovely few days getting to know some of the very friendly Kuna indians in the traditional village of Mulatupu.  See flotsam.  Had lots of visitors in ulus (dugout canoes) - bringing fruit to swap or just to say 'hola'.  Went for a paddle down the river Ibedy - I was in the kayak and Matt on the wind surfer he had converted to be able to paddle.  When we came across a crocodile, Matt thought he was sitting a bit too close to the water for comfort and shot behind me saying that I had a bit more bulk in the kayak than he did on the flat wind surfer!  Fortunately the croc didn't stay around long. 

12th - 14th November - The island of Mamitupu - another very traditional village.  Met master mola maker Abelia and bought some molas.  Had fun racing the locals in their ulus - the children thought it was great fun to try to race Matt on his wind surfer.   One little girl kept coming to see us wanting to see 'Superted' the bear and went into a fit of giggles as she took off his skin to reveal the Super Bear!

14th - 16th November - Tucked away in Snug Harbour - we could have been in a Scottish Loch - except for the mangroves!  Very peaceful anchorage amongst small uninhabited islands - we even had a delivery of bread and fruit by ulu from the nearby village!  Good place to sit out more stormy weather.

17th November - Spent the afternoon snorkeling off the reefs on a small island then on to the 'modern' village of Nargana but it was too noisy in the anchorage with the huge generator running so we anchored amongst the mangroves. 

18th  - 19th November - in amongst more coral reefs off small picture perfect uninhabited islands with tall palm trees in the Cocobanderas. 

20th November - Finally checked in to Panama at Porvenir (the end of the San Blas islands) and got our cruising permit which is valid for 1 year (maybe we'll decide to stay a bit longer then!)  

21st November - Met up with friends Phil & Nelly from Moondancer and spent a very pleasant 9 days at anchor in the East Lemmon Cays.    We started off with 3 boats there but ended up with 13!  Good 'happy hours' on the beach though. Had an early Thanksgiving dinner on board Moondancer with turkey and all the trimmings before they headed north to the Cayman islands.  In between the rain storms we did quite a bit of snorkeling, kayaking and Matt went spear fishing with Brice - an increibly fit Frenchmen who was a European and World champion skier and 'retired' extreme skier - he caught a very tasty small barracuda with his first shot!

                Lat and Long November 30th:          09.33.78N    78.51.55W   

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