Superted V

Blog & Photos - November 2008

27th November - Grenada

Arrived back in Grenada - boat at Le Phare Bleu marina.  

29th November - Grenada - Crew arrived - Matthew, Jo, Helen & Chris (a dedicated land adventurer who gained his flying fish wings whilst he was with us)

Prepared for re-naming ceremony by removing all traces of previous name.  I had read numerous articles on changing the name of a boat and had gathered together the best of the bunch - then decided on a little ceremony which involved a drop or two of champagne.  I had had a metal tag made ready to be attached to a piece of anchor chain which would be thrown into the sea.  Good thing we had an angle grinder on board to cut some anchor chain!

30th November - Le Phare Bleu

With full crew on board and armed with a couple of bottles of champagne, we dropped the piece of anchor chain with metal tag attached into sea and asked Neptune to erase the name 'Iolanthe of Argyll' from all records - copious amounts of champagne given up to Neptune.  With more champagne offered up to Neptune, we re-named the boat as 'Superted V' - didn't break the bottle over the boat but did mange to dribble some over the stern.  Now ready to set sail!

Set off for Carriacou - wind 12 - 15 knots ENE - direction of Carriacou? ENE - who said it would all be 'downhill' sailing!!  Anchored Tyrell Bay in dark. 

December 2008......






Superted V renameChain sinkingA drink for NeptuneWhere shall we go?Under way at lastGirls cruisingRain Due?Instead of rain - double rainbow!
12.00.12N   61.43.28W