Jenny Lind Creek

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May 2015

1 May - Still at Pancake Creek. Once the weather improved we took a hike up the hill to the lighthouse - the original buildings had been wrecked a few years ago by vandals but a group of volunteers had renovated them and now man the area on a roster basis. We hiked out towards the coast with a great view towards the town of 1770 (Captain cook's arrival here) and the adjacent creek - the Jenny Lind - amazing colours. Once again we are following in the footsteps of Captain Cook - many of the places were named by him and there are several Cook monuments.

2 May - Back into the tropics - passed Cape Capricorn on the way up to Great Keppel Island.

3 - 4 May - Did a couple of hikes on Keppel island - across to the other side of the island and back over the top - where we found a small resort but on the way were the remains of a recent cyclone. We took longer than we had planned to and got back to find the dinghy high and dry! Ooops..

5 May - Pearl Bay - great trade wind anchorage on the Capricornia coast. Not much wind the next day so just went a few miles up the coast to Supply bay which is an encampment area during military exercises. There was a sign on the beach which had been blown over - reads "Danger bombing area". Fortunately the only soldiers we saw were soldier crabs on the beaches!

7 May - the start of the Northumberland Islands - all very familiar names - Prudoe, Keswick, Hexham, Penrith etc. We found a great anchorage at Hexham island where we met a local couple who gave us good information the anchorages on the way up north. Great to see lots of sea eagles flying around.

8 May - arrived at a Middle Percy - a beautiful white sand, palm fringed beach but unfortunately the anchorage was so rolly we only stopped for a cuppa before heading on to Digby island.

9 May - on to one of Oz's premier cruising grounds part of the Cumberland group but informally known as the Whitsundays - most likely after Captain Cook named the passage between them and other islands nearby 'Whitsunday passage' when in 1770 he passed through these island on ...guess which day - yes Whit Sunday! There are about 70 rugged, forest clad islands surrounded by turquoise water. Met German friends, Ingrid and Gert on Lazy Lady who we haven't seen for about 18 months on Scawfell island.

10 - 11 May - Shaw Island then to Whitsunday island - stopping at Lupton/Hazlewood islands to do our first bit of Whitsunday snorkelling before heading to Stockyard Bay - a lovely white sand beach opposite the famous Whitehaven beach which was rather busier.

12/13 May - more snorkelling at Border and Dumbell islands - picking up National Park buoys each time - these buoys are marked with the maximum size of boat and have been installed to try to protect the coral. At several of the anchorages we had 'pets' residing under the boat.

14 - 16 May - strong wind warning so headed to the eastern side of Whitsunday island. Had a couple of hikes - one to Dugong Bay - through the woods on the way there but over the rocks on the way back and had to make a few leaps to 'mind the gaps!' - and the other up Whitsunday peak - unfortunately the weather wasn't that good so we didn't get great photos of the views.

17/18 May - Needed to stock up on fruit and veg to avoid scurvy so headed into AIrlie Beach to do a bit of shopping. A small resort town with lots of bars, restaurants and backpackers.

19 May - On to Hook Island and the Nara inlet where we climbed up to see some Aborigine cave paintings.

20 May - weather improved so headed up to the northern bays of Hook island. Met up with Lazy Lady again in Butterfly bay.

21 - 24 May - stayed around the northern bays of Hook island and snorkelled at Longford, Black and Hayman Islands. A lot of the coral is in a poor condition - not sure if it's due to cyclone damage or changing sea temperatures or just overuse by tourists. However there are plenty of fish around the areas where the tourist boats go, scrounging for food (fish not tourists!)

25 May - through the Gloucester passage and on to Montes at Shag Island - we had been told by several people that a fish and chip lunch at Montes was not to be missed - and we weren't disappointed!

26 - 30 May - day sailed between bays to get up to Magnetic island (so named by Captain Cook as he thought it affected his compass). The scenery is now dominated by huge boulders strewn as if by giants all along the coastline. We couldn't resist having a go at trying to get to the top of one of the hills in Cape Upstart despite there being no trail. So we took some lunch and scrambled/climbed and bush-whacked our way to the top - great climb - got the scratches and bruises on legs and arms to show for it! Amongst the rocks, the brush was tinder dry and I must admit I had to try not to think too much about snakes...although if we kept our heads down looking for snakes we were in danger of walking into big spider webs!

31 May - Townsville to haul out once again - but that has to wait until next month...

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