Vanua Levu, Fiji

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - May 2013

30 April - 3 May - A couple of days of pleasant sailing to finish off our boisterous passage and we picked up a buoy at the Copra Shed Marina, SavuSavu, Island of Vanua Levu, Fiji. After having the health, bio-security, immigration and customs on board we were finally able to go ashore and stretch our legs - sure was good to feel solid ground beneath our feet but boy is it hot!

3 - 13 May - Usual cleaning and organising the boat after the passage - pleased to report no damage. At first sight Savusavu looks very small but in fact it is very compact with many small shops - most of which seem to be hardware or supermarkets and quite a few little restaurants. The Copra shed also has good social facilities which we made use of. Met up with friends Jose and Jeff who we had not seen since Tahiti - they had spent the cyclone season there and had sat out one cyclone with no adverse affects. Victory arrived a few days later followed by Chapter 2.There's a great fresh market - it's fun to be able to try out all the different exotic produce - sometimes successfully - other times - well......      Savusavu has a strong Indian population so great for Indian food - we found a restaurant where we could eat a great curry for around £3. Needless to say we went there quite a bit. However the heat and humidity was getting to us and swimming in the moorings area not very inviting so we decided to move out.

14 May - Motored out to anchor at the Cousteau Resort all of 4 miles outside of SavuSavu but a great place to swim. The water wasn't very clear to start with but it was still good to get in and cool off. After a few days of good weather (whilst the skies were still dark over Savusavu) we had some great snorkelling. Matt and JanBart dived the rocks in SavuSavu bay.

21 May - Running out of fruit and veg and more friends had arrived from NZ so went back into Savusavu to stock up and meet up. Picked up a buoy at the Waitui Marina. Met Chris and Dave who we hadn't seen since 2009 in Grenada! Stocked up with our Kava root (for Sevusevu - details next month) and then off again to start our Fiji cruise in earnest.

24 May - 31 May - Had a great sail along the coast to Fawn Harbour - a well protected bay behind the reef. Went out to the reef to snorkel at low water - long way to go but worth it. The winds were predicted to get up together with the swell so we decided to move on 6 miles to the next anchorage at Nasasobu Bay - a great little bay behind the reef surrounded by mangroves and full of fruit bats and barking pigeons - yes I did say barking! We were accompanied by Victory then a couple of days later Chapter 2, Option 1 and finally Astarte joined us. Went for a canoe up a couple of the creeks in the mangroves and met one of the locals - William - busy at his copra shed. Great guy - very friendly - had just been to set a trap for wild pigs (apparently he catches about 2 a week and sells them to the resorts further along the coast.) There are 3 houses in the bay all belonging to the same family - besides the copra production and the pig trapping they also have a couple of hundred beef cattle, a few horses and chickens! Everything has to be carried by boat as there are no roads. We watched them set nets along the shores but never saw much of a catch. They brought us fruit from their gardens. Did a lot of snorkelling and one dive - it's great to see such healthy coral and fish we haven't seen before. Weather still not good so staying put for a few more days.

Position on 31st May - S16.45.079 E179.51.063

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