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Blog & Photos - May 2011

1st - 7th May - Spent visiting more islands of the Kuna Yala (San Blas) before making our way to Shelter Bay marina for the long-awaited 'paint job'.  We spent a couple of days in a marina berth getting prepared for the lift out.  Matt spent most of the time on his knees deep cleaning the teak deck - he did a great job and the teak actually looked like teak and not a dirty grey wood! 

9th May - Lift out day - all went smoothly with the very capable team of workers.

10th - 29th May - Matt and Jean worked practically non-stop doing jobs which had been on the list for a good while.  Jean was stuck to the sewing machine for 10 full days making a dinghy cover and Matt down on his knees again repairing the calking on the teak where it had 'erupted' in places (that job had been on the list for a long while!) and usual job of anti-fouling.  Alejandro (Alex) and his Colorbox team from Panama City arrived on the afternoon of the 10th to have a look at the project they were about to undertake.  Starting work first thing the next morning they got started on the sanding which was all done by hand - they spent about a week sanding and had sore fingers to show for it!  The primer went on and then more sanding as they applied the 'dry guide' powder to show up any small imperfections. We had a few frustrating days when, due to the lack of scaffolding (the yard only had enough scaffolding for one side of the boat) work stopped.  Once that was sorted out they progressed with the Alexseal top coats - 3 coats in one day - it was looking good!  Funny thing about these workers - they work so late it was often dark before they finished - infact the white stripe and the name both were done in the dark!  Alec suggested a silver stripe above the white and matching silver graphics which all worked out great. Despite the dark, and the bugs they did a great job so we now have a lovely shiny blue hull to match our dinghy! 

We did manage to get a bit of time off and went for some walks in the jungle and at the end of most days the pool followed by happy hour was a welcome distraction. Shelter Bay marina is on the site of an old US base (Fort Sherman) in the jungle near the entrance to the Panama Canal. 


                    Lat and Long May 31st:           09.22.19N    78.57.03W  

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