May 2009 

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - May 2009

Grey May - Bit of a contrast to the turquoise of April.

1st May - Left St Martins in sun and had good fast sail to Virgin Gorda - arriving in time for a cup of tea and well before the sun went down. No need to take any photos as we're planning on being here for a couple of weeks.....two days later the clouds came and sat on the water and stayed there - for 2 weeks! Here's an extract from one of the pilot books: "Here the trade winds blow consistently from the same easterly direction...temperatures are pleasant all year round..the proximity of the islands to each other protects them from heavy seas...there is never any fog...a sailing paradise" well uhm yes - so we'll just have to come back for those idyllic sailing days! The wind blew, the seas were rough, the rain hardly stopped and we had great lightning shows - in fact we thought we were back in the UK having a typical bank holiday weekend! However when the sun did show it's face occasionally it did look like the idyllic sailing ground.

12th May - set off for Nevis - had 21 hours on one tack with everything thrown at us - whilst the sea played fast and furious, a fishing boat played hide and seek with us - I still haven't got the measure of wave/swell heights but one minute we could see the whole of the fishing boat, the next we could just make out the top of his cabin! It was a long night - it's dark by 7pm and not light until 5.30 the next morning and this particular night there was no moon only black, black clouds pouring rain over us and wind howling between the islands. However Superted V took it all in her stride and just ploughed on through getting us to Nevis as dawn broke.

We thought we'd spend a few days in Nevis and dry out - the forecast was improving so we decided to hire bikes and take a trip around the island (about 20 miles). The morning was glorious - sunshine, blue skies - there were quite a few challenging hills but we got up most of them before the clouds started to roll in - and that was that - we took shelter in a small shop where the lovely lady fed us oranges rescued from her tree before the monkeys could get to them. An hour later the sky was still black but a little clearer - we thought. So we decided to go for it - only two more hills to go then it would be downhill all the way back - well once you're wet, you're wet....a couple of hours later we were back at our dinghy - soaked through to the skin but at least we got some exercise!

16th - 28th May we worked our way back down the islands via Montserrat, Les Saintes, Martinique, St Lucia, Bequia - finally getting some good weather from Les Saintes! it took us a fair while to get to some of our destinations - at the south end of Martinique there was 2 knot tide (forgotten what it's like to sail with tides!) and 20 knot wind against us - it seemed to take forever to get past the Rocher du diamond - a pod of very large Atlantic spotted dolphins played on our bow wave for a few minutes but then went off to fish in the roaring tide.

Finally arrived back in Grenada before the official hurricane season starts - just seems like coming home! Even went for English style fish (mahi mahi) and chips last night - they were exceptionally good.

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Matt with St Kitts in Backgroundrest before big hillClouds comingRain..More RainThere's an island here somewhereCould this be the sun?This is more like itSunny in Les SaintesRocher du Diamond - Tide 2 knots against; wind 20 knots against!IguanasWhite tailed Tropic BirdBrown Pelican
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