Babel Island

 Superted V - Blog & Photos - March 2015

1 March – Still in Port Davey. Bit of a wet day so decided to have a sail through the Bathurst channel to Claytons corner. Pretty shallow anchorage, but good enough to let us off the boat for a couple of hours to have a look around. In the evening we sailed back to Schooner cove to position ourselves for a next day departure.

2 March – We had intended carrying on up the west coast clockwise around Tasmania but the forecast of strong northerlies and big seas decided us to go back the way we came! Once the seas calmed down a bit and we had a light south-westerly forecast we left Port Davey arriving in Recherche Bay in the evening.

3 – 7 March - Back in Kettering where we celebrated Matt's birthday on board Superted with Don, Barbara and Simon from Tuarangi and Michele and Richard from Theleme. Don left to catch the plane back home on 5th .

8 – 9 March – Started on our way back to the mainland and ‘up north' for the winter – would be good to find a bit of warmer weather as the summer in Tassie has not been the best! The trip up to Brisbane (around 1200 miles) can be a bit of hard work as once you cross the Bass Strait to the mainland you have to fight the strong south-flowing east Australian current most of the way up. In addition, the winds regularly change from north to south as the succession of highs interspersed with a cold front pass from west to east. So we basically have to wait for a ‘southerly change' and then hop north as much as we can before the next change. Our first few port of calls were still in Tassie - Port Arthur, Fortescue Bay and Maria Island . We had dolphins with us for most of the trip up the coast.

10 – 12 March – Spent a couple of days on Maria island – hiking and ‘hunting' for Wombats! Didn't have to go very far to see lots of them at ‘Frenchies' farm in the late afternoon. Such cute creatures! Visited a couple of different anchorages – one by the ‘world famous' Painted Cliffs.

12 – 13 March – Left Maria island for Cape Barren Island in the Flinders group – fast sail arriving early morning off Cape Barren but very exposed and rolly so sailed a bit further north to Babel Island which is a tiny cluster of 3 islands on the very eastern edge of Flinders about mid-way across the Bass straits. Found ourselves a perfect spot to tuck in out of the roll and wind for the night, where we could sit through yet another south, north, south change.

14 – 16 March – Had a great sail up to Jervis bay – we had intended on stopping at Eden but the going was so good, so the good just kept going!

16 – 21 March - Jervis bay was a pleasant surprise with mooring buoys in the various anchorages. We moved around a few times to make the best of the wind directions and actually went for a swim! Had a lovely day out with friends Christine and Don despite the thunderstorms!

21 – 22 March – Good sail up to Port Stephens – kept well inshore, sailing from headland to headland, and managed to keep the adverse current down to not much more than 0.5 knots.

22 – 27 March – Spent playing in Port Stephens – lovely place with free mooring buoys, lots of colourful birds and a resident pod of dolphins. Great warm weather and warm sea. Went hiking and snorkelling a couple of times and played golf – with lots of lovely wildlife on the course – including kangaroos!

27 – 28 March – Had a really good headland hopping sail, albeit slow, to Coff's Harbour – this part of the trip is supposed to have the strongest adverse currents but again we didn't see much over 0.5 knots – let's hope it's the same right the way up to Brisbane !

29 -30 March - Coff's Harbour - not much going on - did a couple of walks, swam and watched the annual swimming competition - hundreds of competitors aged from 7 to 70!

31 March – On passage from Coff's Harbour to the gold coast with stormy skies!

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