View over Urquarts bay

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - March 2013

1st March - 3rd March - We had decided to cut short our land time so we could get back to deal with the boat problem but on the way back we spent a couple of days hiking in the Tongariro National Park. Unfortunately part of the volcano is still closed off since the eruption last November so we weren't able to complete some of the hikes. The weather had been great for the last few weeks but on the day we took the chair lift up to the top to hike the rim (allegedly the best view of all 3 volcanoes) the cloud came down! Still we had a good hike and saw some spectacular sights. Part of the 'Hobbit' had been filmed in the area so we just had to go and see Doom mountain and Gollum's fishing pool!

4th March - Matt's birthday - arrived back in Docklands. Barbara and Michael on Astarte invited us for a birthday dinner which was great. Then it was down to business with the boat. Fortunately the paint company had issued a written spec which stated that it should have a full epoxy prime. It had been assumed that all the old paint would be removed, but it wasn't, so the solvents in the epoxy melted the substrate. Although the paint contractor should have known this and hence is far from blameless, it was the paint company with assistance from technical rep Anthony, who stepped up and paid for a complete strip and repaint. We eventually were transferred into Rudolf's yard who are adjacent to Docklands and were grit blasted to remove the antifouling down to the gel coat. They then applied a full bottom system of epoxy primer, three coats of high build epoxy, a coat of hard antifoul and finally a coat of ablative antifoul. All in all a very thorough job to leave us in much better shape than we were in originally. It was good to see that after blasting, the hull was in good shape with no signs of Osmosis. Many thanks to Anthony and Altex for stepping up to the plate, and to the gang at Rudolfs for a helpful and professional service - proper professional coating specialists!

5th - 31st March - Spent in the yard working our way through the 'to do' list. Got most of the jobs done and as usual, others which weren't on the list. Did most of the heavy provisioning for our forthcoming trip back to the tropics. As we were traveling around New Zealand we had noticed lots of golf courses and regretted not having brought our clubs, so we decided to buy some on Trade Me - got a couple of bargain sets and spent some fun days on the local courses - most of them had a $10 day- cheap at half the price! Note from Jean: must have lessons!! Easter weekend saw us scrubbing the boat using a witch's brew of potions to try to get the brown staining off the deck - we think this is where the Quatermass experiment actually took place! It took 2 days of scrubbing and incantations then another day of polishing to get it looking normal again. Watch this space to see if we make it back into the water just after Easter!