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Blog & Photos - March 2011

1st March - well after having paid a visit to the local hospital in Changuinola, Matt was referred to an orthopedic surgeon in David (on the pacific coast) so we put the boat in the marina at Bocas and caught the ferry then a taxi then a bus and had a stunning 4 hour ride across the mountains to the pacific side of Panama finally arriving in the second largest town - David. 

4th March -We celebrated Matt's birthday waiting for a phone call from the doctor!  To cut a long story short Matt has a herniated disc which has to be operated on so with that in mind and him on pain killers we headed back to Bocas to collect the boat before setting off to get back to Portabello to pick up our honeymoon couple Sue & David. 

6th - 12th March - Here we go again - not much wind!  We stopped off at Bluefields- a lovely bay 25 miles east of Bocas and spent a couple of nights there before making our way to Escudo de Veraguas - a small island another 25 miles to the east and then decided to make a run for it directly to Portabello - another 120 miles east.  Unfortunately there was very little wind (from behind) and a very big swell on the nose - quite unusual and most uncomfortable - we weren't making much headway after about 10 hours so we decided to put the engine on and head for Shelter Bay.  Finally arrived in Portabello on 12th March. 

15th March - Sue & David arrived in the morning - we gave them lunch then got on our way as we were planning on going to the San Blas for the week so we needed to get going.  You can read the log of our week with David & Sue here.  Needless to say it was lovely to see them and they had a good time - even though they were spending their honeymoon with 2 old fogies! We overdosed them on bananas and fish but we did take them to a couple of proper desert islands though and left them to watch the sun set with a bottle of bubbly!  Had some great sailing with lots of wind and fast sailing with some awesome seas!  Difficult to get a good photo of the waves though! 

23rd March Sue & David left from Panamarina.  We spent the week getting sorted out and organising Matt's operation - due to be done in David on 3rd April.

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