March  2009 

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - March 2009

3rd - 25th March - Transformation time!  This time was spent in various bays working on Superted V to transform her from a boat to a home and practical but seaworthy vessel - it started with the installation of the cabling for the solar panels, followed closely by the unpacking and sorting of 14 boxes sent from the UK.  Although it was rather chaotic much of the stuff we sent was a duplication of what we already had so the surplus went to a local orphanage - where we met very sweet, well cared for children in a simple but clean home - it was good to be able to give something back.  We moved from bay to bay during this period - all around the south of Grenada depending on our requirements at the time.  We met up with friends Michael and Jeremy on sister ship 'Splendido' and made new friends at various happy hours along the way.  The amount of work both inside and out seemed insurmountable at times and we wondered if we would ever get any sailing in.  There is much truth in the definition of cruising as being 'sailing a boat to an exotic place and working on her'.  I remember being very curious about this 'cruising lark' and asking friends 'but what do you do all day?' In 3 short weeks we came to know the answer - so apologies to those friends we kept nagging at!  We had a lot of 'fun' with the wiring of various things (see flotsam - of Mice and Men) but I'm happy to say that it all worked out in the end and things appear to be working well - knock on wood - as they say here.

26th March - Friends from Scotland, Pete & Pat, joined us in Grenada for a month - the first day was spent helping Matt install new batteries!  We did take them to the Friday Fish Festival at Gouyave but it was a bit of a wash out with rain all evening!  Good food though.

27th March - Took Pete & Pat for their first Caribbean sail - in huge seas with a 25 - 30 knot wind on the nose and heavy showers - think they thought they were still in Scotland!   As you can see we made them earn their keep!

28th March - 31 st March began our month long cruise in earnest.  See flotsam for log.


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