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 Superted V

Blog & Photos - June 2011

1st - 3rd June - Once the boat was launched (with great care) we headed out to nearby islands to anchor for the night.  When Jean had a refreshing swim around the boat, she noticed that a patch of antifouling had been scraped off by the travel lift - so early the next morning we returned to Shelter Bay to retrieve the left-over anti foul (which we had given to the boys) and careened the boat slightly to repair the patch.  Had a visit from three nuns and a 'father' who wanted their photos taken on the boat.  A day later we were ready to go again........

5th June - 21st June - Met up with Darramy in Portabelo and headed off on a 2 day sail to the Colombian island of Providencia (which lies approximately 200 miles off the coast of Nicaragua).  With amazingly flat seas and a reasonable breeze we only had to motor a few hours each night when the wind dropped away and arrived at dawn of the 3rd day.  Providencia is a lovely peaceful island with very friendly folk and only one other boat in the anchorage.  We were welcomed by a boarding party which included the doctor who took our pulses!  A day or so later more boats arrived and we ended up with a British fleet of 4 boats.  Spent time diving, walking and hiring scooters to tour the island.  10 of us trekked up the highest peak (El Pico - 460m) and with a lot of huffing and puffing we all made it to the top - unfortunately we had not brought our flag to raise on the pole!  Had some good local food and joined in with a local family lunch.

22nd - 25th June - The normally quiet peaceful island erupted into a riot of colour and noise with the start of carnival.  4 days when the police and army turn a blind eye and 'anything goes'.  Each day had sporting events during the day followed by dancing/singing/music and a beauty pageant in the evenings.  The dog and cat show was an absolute hoot - most pets were dressed up - one even had shoes on!  But it was good to see the pets cared for after all the strays we have seen all over the Caribbean.  The beauty contestants (4 of them) had to take part in each event from the dancing to the bike race.   The scooter/bike race was absolutely chaotic - everyone was armed with bags of flour and foam spray which got thrown/sprayed everywhere and the bikers were fuelling up with the local 'firewater' or beers.  After the sailing race on the following day it was another mad couple of hours on the water with boats racing about throwing water around.  All good fun and no-one was hurt.

27th June - Carnival over and good weather forecast.  With a fresh breeze and in company with 4 other boats. we left Providencia for her sister island San Andres.  Just for fun 3 of us took part in a pursuit race.  Conditions were perfect for Superted and we won - averaging 8.6 knots from anchorage to anchorage - 60 miles.  What a contrast to Providencia - here is the holiday island of rich Colombians - hotels and apartments along the shore but fabulous gin clear turquoise seas with the anchorage behind the reef.    Looking forward to some good snorkeling and diving....

                    Lat and Long June 30th::           12.34.46N    81.41.53W  

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