June 2009 

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - June 2009

So the official hurricane season started 1 June and will go through until the end of November.  We now start to keep a very close eye on the weather so we can be prepared go further south if necessary. However on 3rd June we made a brief return to the UK on a medical issue (for Jean) - which I'm pleased to say turned out to be nothing serious and I came back with a clean bill of health. We were there 2 weeks - great to see everyone (apologies to those we didn't get to see) but it was good to come back!  I guess we do now consider Superted V as being our home! 

We have met a number of people here in Grenada - quite a few will stay throughout the summer so there's lots going on.  We have decided to stay around Grenada and Carriacou for the next couple of months (weather permitting) and get to know the island a bit more. We are currently anchored in Mount Hartman Bay - a lovely bay on the south of Grenada which is protected from any swell and waves by a reef.  There have already been several tropical waves which have brought wind and rain but so far nothing too bad - apparently there can be about 60 of these waves throughout the summer but they don't always bring bad weather.  It's getting hotter too. 

We have now installed a wind generator to take advantage of the increase in wind strength - true to form the day after we installed it, there was no wind at all! Anyway hopefully on the cloudy days we will still be putting some amps in the batteries from that to help run the fridge and freezer.


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