Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple, Nadi

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Blog & Photos - July 2013

1 - 3 July - More time in Komo - visited the village and school and really great snorkelling at the pass. Unfortunately the wind got up (again) so we were 'boat bound' for a couple of days.

4 - 9 July - Once the wind died down a bit we set off for the island of Kadavu - as so typically happens the wind died and we ended up motor sailing most of the way! Got through the Korolevu pass with no problems - although it looked a bit scary as you approach with all the waves breaking on the reefs either side! Anchored off the village of Kadavu for a few days. Had a 'day out' snorkelling in gin clear water at the lion pool and had a picnic on a remote island.

9 - 13 July - Made passage north inside the reef and anchored behind the small island of Vatulutu. Did our sevusevu with the Tauranga ni Koro as the chief was working at his farm. Went for a long walk over to the village on the other side and met Ruth, Bruce and family who have recently moved back into their 'place'. Bruce's Irish grandfather married a chief's daughter and was given around 500 acres of land. It was subsequently run as a small resort but when Bruce's father died it fell into disuse. Bruce is now trying to get it up together - he is also a dive master so we spent a couple of days diving the Niagora pass then chilling with him and his family. We wish him every success with his venture.

14 - 18 July - Continued up the inside of the reef to the island of Ono in the Astrolobe reef hoping to do more diving. Unfortunately the weather wasn't that good and once again the wind blew a hooley so we spent time visiting the village and walking  (we subsequently found out that the wind had a name - Bogi Walu - which blows hard for 8 days continuously - I think we must've had 2 in a row!)  Much to our surprise there were around twelve boats anchored in the bay, many of whom we knew, but had not seen since New Zealand - so a bit of socialising took place! We were invited to a 'fund raising' lomo dinner - cooked by the village ladies - to try to raise funds to send the church elders and their wives across to Viti Levu for one of the church's seminars. Great spread.

19 - 26 July - Departed Ono on a wet and windy day (bit like sailing back in the UK) and had a very fast sail to Viti Levu. Spent a couple of nights in a well protected reef anchorage at Vunanui on the south coast.  Moved westwards along the coast - as we got further west the topography changed - much flatter and so much drier! The coast is scattered with resorts - we were entering tourist country! Spent a few nights anchored in Nadi bay by Newtown beach. We were able to leave our dinghy on the beach in front of a small back packer resort whilst we went into Nadi to do some provisioning and visit the Hindu temple. The small seaplane hanger just to the left of where we were anchored was where we took the plane from when we visited Fiji 15 years ago enroute to the UK from Singapore! Went in and had a chat with the people - one of the workers had actually been working for the company then. We left our dinghy at their slipway whilst we went to play golf at the airport golf club next door! Turns out Vijay Sing caddied here when he was a nipper, and is now an honorary member, though much to the chagrin of the staff, never shows up! Had a good round of 18 holes followed by a freshly prepared Indian curry - good day out but exhausted!

26 - 31 July - Sailed to musket cove in the Mananuca Group of islands. We were quite surprised to find a few busy resorts there besides the yacht club. However it was a  picturesque anchorage, with flat water and wall to wall sunshine. Had a good few days meeting old friends - some we hadn't seen for a year since the Tuamotus!

Position on 30th June - S17.46.209 E177.11.218