Superted V

Blog & Photos - July 2012

Back in the anchorage at Taina Marina, Papeete, we got to work on outstanding and routine jobs on the boat.  We made a few trips to the Carrefour – with a trolley full back to the marina – great fun trotting along the busy main road with the trolley – and why is it I always get one with a wonky wheel?  Hopefully we’re re-stocked for the next 4 months – it’s a fine balance between having enough and not having too much as there are very stringent restrictions on what you can take into New Zealand.  We’ll maybe have to have a party before we leave Tonga!  After the dragging antics in Moorea, we decided to splash out and buy a new anchor (top of the range model as they say) a Rocna  (funnily enough that’s ancor backwards!) 

Before heading back to Moorea, we anchored up at Point Venus in Matavai Bay – that’s the bay in Tahiti where it all happened!  In 1767 the English navigator Samuel Wallis took shelter in the bay and did battle with 4000 natives before befriending Queen Purea.  He didn’t stay long and all he left behind was the Union Jack and VD (so the story goes!)   James Cook landed there in the Endeavour and subsequently built a fort to ward off the evil natives (apparently totally un-necessary but maybe he was worried about the VD)  whilst he watched the transit of Venus across the sun in 1769.  Unfortunately he wasn’t successful in calculating the distance between the earth and the sun.  More unfortunately we didn’t get to see the transit of Venus on 5 June 2012 at the same point as we were on the other side of Tahiti.  In 1788 Captain William Bligh anchored his vessel, The Bounty, in this bay in order to collect breadfruit plants for free food for the slaves in the West Indies – it was shortly afterwards that mutiny broke out and the mutineers came back to Tahiti (and probably spread more diseases throughout Tahiti before they ended up on Pitcairn).   Then in 1797 a small band of missionaries from the London Missionary Society had had enough of the VD stuff and landed here in their boat ‘The Duff’ (I kid you not!) to spread ‘the word’ throughout Polynesia.  Nowadays it’s a very quiet anchorage and a very popular spot with the locals who frequent the black sand beach.    

A week later we headed back to Moorea.  Just like Cook, we gave Cook’s Bay a miss and went back to Opunoho Bay.  Much nicer anchorage in clear water.   Arrived just in time to help Roger and Vicki on El Vagabond celebrate Roger’s birthday before they headed west a few days later.  So glad we had our new anchor as once again we were treated to 25+ knot winds with 40+ gusts and the next day El Vagabond dragged (with 2 anchors out - same gear as they used at Cape Horn).  As they dragged past us Roger asked  'Are we dragging or is it that new anchor of yours which pulling the island towards us'!!  We made the trip round to Cooks Bay one day by thumb and foot but weren’t impressed enough to take the boat round!  Met up with Sue and Stef on Charlotte (hadn’t seen them since Panama last November) so had a few sundowners to celebrate before we headed back once again to Tahiti.  We’re now finishing off boat jobs (whilst I speak Matt has his head in the engine compartment struggling to change the water impeller) and preparations for the weekend when Matthew and Jo arrive.  So looking forward to seeing them.


                                          Lat and Long   28 July:

                                          S17.34.93 W149.37.15