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Blog & Photos - July 2011

1st - 27th July - San Andres island (along with Malarkey, Darramy and Charlotte) which belongs to Colombia.  Shaped like a seahorse it's like a 'one-stop' island - very small but compact and with just about everything you can think of to buy!  It's a big tourist destination for the Colombian mainlanders and Canadians and it's tax free!   From modern stores with 'famous name' brands to small hardware shops to maudy around it's completely different from any of the other Caribbean islands we have been to.  Lots of restaurants serving a variety of foods.  We found a really lovely little local restaurant run by Marta which served a 3 course local lunch for around 5 US$.  Needless to say we had quite a few lunches there.  Most of the month we spent at the anchorage of San Andres main town but had a week or so on the west side of the island at Cove.  Matt was very happy as most of the month we had quite high winds so the amps from the wind generator were whizzing in to the batteries.  It was quite choppy on the reef and sometimes with a strong current it made snorkelling hard work.  However at Cove we did a few dives and quite a bit of snorkelling.  We did our first night dive which was very special.  I have been making full use of my underwater camera and have now put some of the shots I have taken in the Caribbean in flotsam - click here to see them.   We took advantage of the local buses and visited other parts of the island - and did some walking.  A big tourist industry has been built up around one small 'blow hole' on the south side of the island - it does blow with quite an impressive force - quite good fun to experience.  

28th July - Sailed to a small cay to the west of San Andres - Cayo Bolivar - which is a large reef surrounding one sand dune and 2 small desert islands - on one of them a team of 10 marines from San Andres stand guard (perhaps from invading Nicaraguans who occasionally lay claim to the islands).   Little else except gin clear water, white sand beaches with tiny hermit crabs - a great place to chill.  Fabulous snorkelling on the inner reef. 

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                 Lat and Long July 31st:           12.24.09N    81.28.61W