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January 2016

1 – 16 Jan – Another very busy couple of weeks with Helen and James. Whilst in Simon's Town we continued with a bit of sightseeing – driving along the very scenic Chapman's Peak route to Hout Bay for lunch and the craft market (where Matt made an impulse buy of a beautiful stone carving) and out to the Cape National Park for a day of hiking. Whilst there we realised that the last time we had been there was when i was about 3 months pregnant with Helen - and now here we were 32 years later with Helen about 3 months pregnant! The day we chose to walk out to Cape point and along to the Cape of Good Hope turned into a cruiser reunion - several groups of other cruisers were also visiting the park that day. It was interesting to see the Cape from the land before sailing around it.

5 Jan – Sailed round the Cape of Good Hope to the V&A marina in Cape Town . Had a good sail in relatively calm waters around the cape. I think James broke out into a bit of a sweat as he approached the lifting bridges into the city but he did a great job of getting us to the marina. Great view of Table mountain from the marina.

Played at being tourists in Cape Town - hiked up the Lion's head and Signal Hill, took a guided tour around Bo-Kaap which was the original Malay quarter of the city – very colourful - and a day out doing a wine tour on bikes – which entailed being picked up at the marina and driven to Stellenbosch before heading off on our bikes to our first winery and tasting (arriving around 10am) then another bike ride to the next winery before being driven to Franchoek for a picnic lunch and a final bike ride to our last winery and tasting – fun way to do a wine tour! We spent another evening with Mary and Jeff and enjoyed a great night out at ‘Marco's African place, sampling the local ‘game' meats and being entertained by a local band singing and dancing.

We had been advised to pre-book the cable car to go up Table Mountain and had 7 days to use our ticket but due to strong winds it hadn't been operating. We ended up with only one free day left to be able to do it and fortunately it was open! However as soon as we got through the entrance to the bottom of the lift we were told that we may not have long up there as the wind was getting up and if the siren went off we would have to come back down straight away or hike down (through the Platteklip gorge). As it turned out we had enough time to walk the Agama and Klipspringer paths to Maclear's Beacon and just as we were nearing the cable station later in the afternoon the siren went off! The car turns slowly 360 degrees as it ascends - great views.

One of the more sobering tours we did was to Robben Island where we were shown around by an ex-political prisoner – a very emotional experience – incredible to think that Nelson Mandela (and many more) spent many years locked up on the island with tantalising views of Cape Town just across the water. There was even a strict food allowance with the coloured and Indians getting more of a ration than the blacks (Bantus). Many of the prisoners were well educated and managed to teach many of the inmates (including the current president - Zuma) using one of the caves, near to where they were breaking rocks, as a classroom.

Although we had eaten out a lot, by far the best was a great degustation meal at the ‘Aubergine' which Helen and James treated us to – much appreciated.

The last 3 days of Helen and James's holiday we spent at the Sanbona Wildlife reserve in the Klein Karoo, Western Cape. It was 3 days of 5 star luxury – which consisted of eating gourmet food and being taken on game drives! In between times we were able to relax in a Jacuzzi of our luxury ‘tented' accommodation. Our ranger, Owen, was quite a character and very intuitive when it came to the animal behaviour – we got so close to elephants, white lions, giraffes, buffalo, baboons and actually had a stroll beside some cheetahs who were just starting out on a hunt – what an amazing experience and a great end to Helen and James's visit. The wildlife photos are all one one page - when you open it you can enlarge the page to see them more clearly.

17 – 18 Jan – Final provisioning for our south Atlantic passages.

19 – 28 Jan - Had a good fast (after the first few days) passage from Cape Town to St Helena – see flotsam.

29 – 31 - St Helena – part of the British overseas territory – a volcano jutting out of the ocean but once on land a completely different place. However I'm going to leave the photos for February's blog as we have so many this month.

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