Sailing to Tassie and Superted on the beach

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - January 2015

1 Jan - Easy day relaxing after the New Year celebrations - sailed across to Spring Cove, Manly ready to set off for Tasmania - with a willing crew and a fair breeze!

2 - 4 Jan - Northerly winds offered an excellent weather window to head south to Tasmania but needed a 24hr stopover in Eden to let a southerly go through. Used time to clean bottom of boat and played on the beach where we met up with some other cruisers who were also heading south.

5 - 7 Jan - Great sail in easterly winds across the Bass Strait arriving in Bryan's Corner on the Freycinet Peninsular in the early hours of the morning. See Flotsam. Going through the Schoten Passage with a full moon was a doddle. Fantastic white beach - the sand really did look like snow! After a short catch up on sleep we hiked over to Cooks Corner then on up to Mt Graham. Unfortuantely the weather was closing in so we didn't quite make it to the top. Got back to Bryan's Corner just as the clouds came down and the wind started howling!

8 Jan - Forecast tells us the wind due to change from north to south so we need another anchorage. Headed further south to Fortescue Bay - arriving early evening and just got settled at anchor as the heavens opened. Had a great hike up to Cape Hauy next morning - spectacular views of vertical splinter-like columns of dolerite rock with a sheer drop of around 120m from the top of The Candlestick. Spotted a wallaby, an echidna and a black tiger snake (4th most venomous in Australia) just off the path.

10 Jan - Sailed around the stunning Tasman peninsula to Carnavon Bay in Port Arthur to learn a bit about the prison at the historic village - mainly convicts who had been transported from the UK - some for as little as stealing a loaf of bread. Alledgedly the environment was much better than 18th century London so despite the harsh prison conditions, life was better - so much so that a lot of the ex-cons settled and made a new life for themselves and their families. Well thats the official story!

11 Jan - Left Port Arthur in a strong southerly head wind and big rollers coming in from the southern ocean. Felt like we beat half way to Antartica before tacking only to have the wind die! Wind finally filled in again and we had a pleasant sail to Mary Ann Bay, about six miles from Hobart, in time to have a walk and play on the beach. As we dropped anchor a boat was just leaving - one of the crew had sailed on our sister ship 'Mistraal' in the Sydney Hobart race, and was keen to take a few comparative pics.. (The end of the Sydney Hobart was marred by the crash of a light aircraft not far from the finish. Mistral - the Beneteau 57 saw the accident and sent off the Mayday. We heard this on TV while in the Blue mountains - unfortunatekly there were no survivors and to make matters worse Brett and Jacinta on Mistral knew the crew of the aircraft).

12 Jan - Checked into the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania for Helen's last few days with us. As we tied alongside, someone came along to tell us he'd seen our boat on facebook and knew all about us - apparently the people we had met briefly at yesterday's anchorage had gone home and put photos of us up on their site. Met up with Jennifer and James on Dirona. Had a wander around Hobart and up to the Botanical gardens.

13 Jan - Had a great hike up Mt Wellington (1340 mtrs) - quite strenuous and a bit galling when you realise there is a car park up there. Had lunch at the top where, despite the cold, windy conditions, there were crowds of grockles wandering around in flimsy clothing - it's an easy 20 minute drive to the top which seems to be the favoured way of ascent! Managed to get good 360 degree views as the clouds came and went.

14 - 16 Jan - Hired a car. Viisited the Bonorong rescue sanctury - feeding the kangaroos and seeing the infamous Tasmanian Devils. Drove along the Huon trail (fruit and vineyard country) and had a relaxed lunch at the Hartzview Winery. Said a sad goodbye to Helen at the airport as she boarded her flight back to Sydney and on to the UK - saying goodlye doesn't get any easier. Matt and I drove back to Hobart via the historical village of Richmond.

17 - 18 Jan - Very wet and windy - between the raindrops had a look around the Salamanca market - bustling with handicrafts and buskers including a highland pipe band!

19 Jan - Sailed down the D'Entrecastreaux channel to Quarantine Bay on Bruny Island. Walked around the historical quarantine station - originally owned by aborigines then by Europeans and final taken over in 1884 by the state. It was a quarantine station from 1856 to 1950 and thereafter used only for plant quarantine. Sister ship 'Mistraal' anchored in same bay so finally met owners Brett and Jacinta.

21 - 28 Jan - Hauled out at Kettering marina - nice place with sensible prices. Did a record time of sanding, antifouling, washing and polishing besides dropping the rudder to have a quick look at the bottom bearing (all fine) and putting on a new swivel for the genoa furler.

29 - 31 Jan - After re-launching we stayed in the marina to finish off a few jobs and socialise - the weather had turned really wet, cold and windy. Met up with Michele and Richard on Theleme and finally met Barbara and Simon on Tuarangi. They currenly reside in Nelson, New Zealand but used to live and work on the Isle of Muck in the Scottish hebredies. Given the Nelson and Scotland connections we had been told to keep an eye open for them by mutual cruising friends who had met them in Vanuatu.

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