Marlborough Sounds

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - January 2014

1st Jan - Gale forecast and we needed to get round to Havelock to drop Helen and Nick off on 3rd to start their tramping trip. Sailed from Portage bay to Putanui point which looked like a good anchorage to be sheltered from the predicted winds.

2nd - After speaking with the harbour master at Havelock he advised us not to attempt to go into the marina (very shallow) in the current conditions. Fortunately there is a water taxi which plies the sounds so we were able to organise it to collect Helen and Nick. Good thing we did - that night the gale came through with a vengeance! Not much sleep for any of us as the boat careered around and with the combination of wind, rain and tide, rocked from gunnel to gunnel. The dinghy, complete with outboard, got overturned in the gusts - twice! We managed to get the outboard off and got the taxi to collect Helen and Nick from the dinghy - they were going off tramping/climbing for 10 days - bit of a wet start!

4th Jan - More gale force winds forecast so we sailed back into Kenepuru sound to a more sheltered spot - Double Bay. Spent a few days sheltering from the winds but did get off and do some walking. Matt worked on the outboard and we ordered parts to pick up back in Nelson. Fisherman brought us some green lipped mussels. Met up with Vicki and Roger on El Vagabond for a final farewell for another year or so!

9th Jan - Sailed back up Pelourus sound to Ketu Bay where we went for a walk along the coast and ridge but unfortunately missed the path and spent an hour or so beating vertically through the bush to get to the path! Great views once at the top so well worth it.

10th Jan - Had a frustrating sail back through French pass and on to Croiselles Harbour to Oyster Bay. I donned my new 7mm wet suit and we went diving for scallops - easily managed to collect our daily quota of 50 per person! Fun dive and cosy warm! Not so lucky catching any blue cod though! Met up with Linda and Phil on Windora back in Oyster Bay.

12th Jan - Back to Nelson marina to meet up with Helen and Nick on 13th. More gale force winds forecast so couldn't get out of the marina for a day or so.

15th Jan - Had a pleasant few days playing in Able Tasman Park - anchored in Torrent bay and hiking parts of the Able Tasman Track and side trips.

17th Jan - Had to get back to Nelson for Helen and Nick's flight on the 18th despite the 40+ knots of wind and very short choppy seas - new experience for Nick! On one of the tacks the jib sheet whipped across the spray hood and ripped 2 of the clear panels - more fixing! Took a temporary berth on the end of a pontoon until the wind died a bit and we were able to get into our allocated berth.

18th Jan - Helen and Nick left to go back to the UK whilst we stayed in the marina to do boat jobs. Replaced the ripped panels in the spray hood. Matt replaced the old crisping microwave with a new one (2 days to re-work the installation complete with cooling fan). I made some sandfly proof (hopefully) nets in preparation for our trip south. Gale force winds coming and going! Enjoying Nelson - got out and about walking as the weather was good despite the wind! Fully provisioned for 3 months and ready to go - now waiting for the south westerlies to stop so we can get down to Fjordland! This has been a month of lows rolling in one after the other - we have been told that February is usually calmer (although alledgedly January is not normally as bad as it has been this year!)

Position as at 29 January S41.15.70 E173.16.87