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Blog & Photos - January 2013

6th - 18th Jan - Spent time at Pier 21 marina in Auckland working on the boat. Got rid of the wind generator via Trademe - NZ ebay - and replaced it with 2 new solar panels for less than what we sold the windmill for. Having doubled our solar capacity, we have quadrupled our daily amps, by virtue of eliminating partial shading of the panels by the windmill. Replaced all 16 (yes I did say 16) mirrors on the boat, repaired some deck caulking and cleaned the teak,had the jib sheets re-sheathed and generally made lots of small improvements. Matt visited specialist for his hearing problem and made appointment for MRI

19th Jan - Sailed to Waiheke - Oneroa bay and spent a pleasant day with Iain, Claire, Harry and Alice Rabbitts from s/y True.

20th Jan - Sailed to Great Barrier Island and spent a few days visiting the different bays and walking. S/y True sailed to Great Barrier to meet us on 24th and we spent a couple of days chilling with them - despite Matt catching a lovely John Dory it was Alice who caught the biggest snapper! Hiked up Mount Hobson - an arduous climb - stopping only to have a picnic lunch at the Kauri dam and then continued up what must've been about 2000 steps - put there by the Department of Conservation to avoid climbers trampling on the nesting birds! You can see from the photos who needs a bit more exercise! Good 360 degree views from the top though.

26th Jan - met up with the El Vagabonds for a couple of days in Wairi Bay in very windy conditions. Did a few more walks on Great Barrier before heading back to Pier 21 marina for Matt to have MRI. Fortunately there was no nasties lurking. It's possible things might improve with time, but unlikely. So it seems to be a matter of waiting to see if his hearing comes back in that ear and going for another checkup in around 6 - 12 months time.

Position at 31 January:

S36.50.548 E174.45.093