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Blog & Photos - January 2011

1st January 2011 - Start the New Year as you mean to go on - sincerely hope not!  We spent New Year's day flying from a very cold snowy London to a very warm sunny Antigua and a very hot Puerto Rica - and compliments of Virgin Atlantic got stuck there overnight!  Thanks to Continental Airlines we then spent the second day of the New Year flying from a hot Puerto Rico to a very cold New York and then finally on to Panama - we were only 27 hours late! 

3rd - 5th Jan - We raced around Panama picking up the purchases made in December and shopping for other items - when Jose came to collect us in the taxi to take us back to Panamarina we just about got everything in the boot of his car - however we still had to call at the supermarket on the way back to stock up......needless to say with a bit of imaginative packing we managed it. 

6th Jan - Back in Panamarina - everything fine with the boat but it started raining again (fortunately we had missed the worst of the weather - land slides and howling winds in December) .  We stayed in Panamarina in the rain (feeling of deja vu) and with Matt as chief designer and Jean as chief seamstress we put together an awning for the boat and 2 new cockpit cushions.

14th January - Finally moved out of Panamarina round to the next bay of Linton where we made minor adjustments to the awning and had our first swim of the year. 

19th - 20th Jan - Had a fabulous - if not slow - sail to Bocas Del Toro (180 miles to the west) - caught a big eye tuna on the way and sailed through a glorious night with a full moon and gentle breeze.

20th - 29th Jan - Anchored off Bocas Town.  Bocas Town is a very laid back surfing place (allegedly just like Cay West 20 years ago).  Most of the restaurants etc back on to the water so there are enough water taxis to keep Venice going for years!  We bumped into some old friends and met new ones and spent several fun evenings together.  Did some snorkelling and Jean practised with her new underwater camera - the very first thing she saw was an eagle ray (picture above).

30th Jan - Left Bocas anchorage to sail to the 'Red Frog' on Bastimentos island - about 7 miles away but it was such a nice day we decided to go the scenic route and do a double handed round the island of Chalon - a lovely sail of 30 miles!  Red Frog is so called because of the indigenous tiny red frog which resides there - we did search but I think they were all in hibernation.

31st January - a day at the Red Frog beach - and a sloth hunt - we walked for miles and didn't see a thing until we got right back to the start and there high up in a tree was a sloth - photos not too great but we'll get some more soon - promise!  Oh did I mention that we have decided to stay around the area for a year or so? (Despite the torrential rain it's a really lovely country.)

                Lat and Long January 31st:          09.19.85N    82.10.77W   

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