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Blog & Photos May 2008

5th May - Antigua

Took ownership of 'Iolanthe of Argyll' soon to be renamed 'Superted V' (V being the 5th in a line of Superteds dating back to 1987 and about 30,000 miles ago).   I spent 2 weeks on board in English Harbour making inventories, cleaning and getting to know our new boat besides getting a real fright finding the spinnaker in the sail locker - I couldn't even budge it so there's no way we'll ever fly it (is there?)  At 9am every morning there's a fun weather broadcast by Jol Byerley who has been doing the forecasting for many years.  It's a good forecast  and followed by his wife Judy, who gives the days events (often being interrupted by the howling dog or singing parrot).  Being used to the BBC shipping forecast, I was well familiar with the terms - 'sea state rough or very rough, occasionally high'  but wave heights were new to me - and what does a wave height of 6 foot look like - is that comparable with the 'occasionally high'? Put those forecasts together with reading all about kabatic winds and I was reaching for the sealegs.  I always imagined Caribbean sailing would be calm seas and gentle breezes - but my fears were unfounded - it's just like crossing the English Channel in a bit of a breeze but without the cold and rain.

May 17th - First sail to Deep Bay (Antigua) with friends Barbara and Phil.  After finding the spinnaker, I was a bit concerned as to what the size of the main would be so was a bit nervous but didn't want to let on to B & P (as landlubbers) so bravely put my thumb on the winch button (yes I did say thumb on the winch button) and closed my eyes and pressed..... Needless to say all went fine and we had a lovely sail - bit tiring though as you can see from one of the pictures! 

May 18th - Depart for Grenada - took 3 weeks and made brief stopovers at:Guadeloupe;  Les Saintes;  Dominica;  Martinique;  St. Lucia;  Bequia;  Tobago Keys and Union Island before anchoring in Prickly Bay, Grenada.  Each Island was different and had it's own character and even climate.  Some we will definitely visit again and spend more time exploring.  Others - well what can I say?

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