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 Superted V

Blog & Photos - February 2011

                                                A month in Bocas

Yep that's right we spent the whole of February in the lovely cruising area of Bocas Del Toro, Panama.   Bocas is one of those places where you can find a very peaceful anchorage on your own or you can party the night away - or just lots of things in between. 

We spent the first couple of days anchored off the Red Frog Marina as there had been a fire nearby and 4 of the local homes were completely burned to the ground.  The cruisers decided to hold a charity afternoon to raise money to help them - great fun was had by all with a BBQ and entertainment - including Steve singing and playing and Ray with his fabulous juggling act.  Raised over US$2000 for the locals.

After partying we decided to spend a few days in the bay of Rana Azul and cruised in company with Darramy - did some jungle walks and generally chilled out.  Our old cockpit lampshade was a bit tatty so when we came upon a calabash tree we decided one of the fruits would make a perfect replacement.  Matt got busy being creative and produced our very own unique 'Superted' lampshade!

Back to Bocas Town for a bit more social life and stocking up before heading off to the Jackanally Cays where old friends from Marchwood Yacht Club, Trevor and Jo turned up on Malarkey.  So bit of a private party, snorkelling and kayaking before we decided to up anchor and head round another island - Isla Popa.

We didn't see another boat for several days until we had to head back to the Red Frog Marina.  Unfortuanately Matt hurt his back whilst working on the engine.  Another party was afoot but Matt was in real pain by this time so we borrowed the marina wheelbarrow and Trevor barrowed him up to the social - think that's a first for them both - certainly BEFORE a party!  Matt had to suffer a massage by the local chiropractor the next day but unfortunately even that couldn't put a smile on his face.  He had to miss out too on the fun zip-lining tour of the canopy - a thrilling 3 hours which Jean screamed her way through!  By the Monday morning Matt was in agony but the pain had moved to his leg so we spent the end of the month at the local hospital. 

                Lat and Long February 28th:          09.19.91N    82.14.85W   


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