February 2009 

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - February 2009

27th February - Arrived at Spice Island Marine to Superted V after quite  hectic time leaving our old life behind! (see 'Flotsam' page for story).  We had purposely asked for the boat to be left on the hard after being antifouled as we wanted to spend the weekend checking over the through hull fittings and doing jobs which were easier to do out of the water.  What we had forgotten was the heat and the mosquitoes.  Although we managed to get plugged into the mains we weren't sure if they were man enough for our air con so didn't put it on so we spent a quite unpleasant night being eaten alive.  

28th - 2 March - one boat yard is much the same as the other the world over I guess - a hive of activity of owners trying to get their boat organised to get in the water asap.  But this was at the weekend and a bit different from our usual yacht club/boat yard where, on a good weekend day, just about everyone is working on their boats, but here there weren't that many people around.  We got plenty of work done on the boat - polished the hull - only took a day which was about the same as it used to take us on Superted IV - the main difference being (beside 21 feet) was that we had scaffolding - thank you Mr Snag (we aren't sure that his name is Mr Snag because he likes sausages or because he's always around to help out if there are any 'snags' - or maybe it's just his name!) - what ever it is he is a great help.  Relieved to get in the water - although that was a bit dodgy at one point because low water just happened to coincide with our launch time so after waiting a while they decided to have a lunch time and see how it looked after that - very strange tides here - you can get one high water and two low waters in the same day and not necessarily every 6 hours. We then spent 2 days alongside the jetty having our new stainless steel frame for the solar panels fitted and then had great fun actually fitting and wiring the solar panels.

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