Simon's Town in False Bay


Superted V Blog & Photos December 2015

1 – 4 Dec - Whilst in Mossel Bay, we were contacted by SA cruising friends – Marlo and Larry who have finished their cruising life for now and are living in Little Brak near to Mossel Bay. We had last seen them in Trinidad back in 2010. They came down to pick us up and give us a tour of the area which included a visit to Marlo's brother's guava farm (very aromatic as the guavas were ripe and lots of interesting barns!) before driving back to Little Brak for a traditional 'Larry' braai. Great to see them again after all this time. Spent some time exploring around Mossel Bay – great museum with replica of Bartholomew Dias's ship and history of the early voyages to South Africa, lovely walks around the coast and friendly yacht club (where we joined in a game of bingo and won the star cash prize!)

4 – 5 Dec – Passage from Mossel Bay to Simon's Town in False Bay . Relatively easy passage – rounded Cape Agulhas (the most southerly point of Africa and the official place where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet) at night in flat seas. Interesting to sea the changes in the sea in the light of day - both in colour and in condition.  We had previously requested a berth in Simon's Town marina but had been told there were no spaces, however we called them before we left Mossel Bay and were told they could fit us in for a week or so. As it turned out we were able to spend a month there.

5 – 23 Dec – Simon's Town. Great little touristy town reminiscent of an English south coast town. Mountains on all sides of False Bay – very picturesque with good hikes around the area but very windy! We spent time catching up on boat jobs before doing a bit of hiking then hiring a car to drive around doing a reccie of the area before Helen and James came. Had a game of golf on a very dry course overlooking the sea. Met some friendly locals including a delightful Irish couple Emily and Sham who spend 8 months of the year in Simon's Town and 4 months in Ireland (and who know one of our friends from MYC!) The whole area really is stunning – with fantastic coastal views. Some friends form Secunda, Mary and Jeff, had moved to Cape Town not long after we left Secunda but we had lost touch with them – using our newly purchased smart phone we managed to find them again and get in touch. We had a great reunion and saw them several times during our stay in the area.

24 – 31 Dec – Helen and James arrived on Christmas eve. See Flotsam. Had a good Christmas day on board Superted with traditional Christmas dinner (but had to have duck instead of turkey as there are no turkeys in SA!) Had a break in between the main course and pudding and went for a stroll to see the penguins at Boulders Beach . Boxing day walk up Swart Kop – the mountain behind Simon's Town but got covered in ash from a recent bush fire. Just time to get back to the boat and shower before we headed out to Cape Farm house to see one of South Africa's popular groups – Freshly Ground. Great afternoon out. The week between Christmas and New year was full on stating with a visit to a cheetah sanctuary and Triggerfish craft brewery in Somerset West on the way to Hermanus. Stayed overnight in Hermanus – dinner in Bientang's Cave – literally a restaurant in a cave! On to the most southerly point in South Africa at Cape Agulhas the next day before heading back to Klein Baai where Helen and James were fortunate enough to get a cancellation for a great white shark dive. Helen watched as James went down for the dive but both had a good viewing of the sharks from the boat. We then had a drive in the opposite direction to the north of Cape Town to visit a San cultural centre – had a yummy lunch before a tour where we learned about the San (bushman) and where, in traditional bushman style, James had to prove his worth to marry Helen by lighting a fire rubbing sticks together! It was an extremely hot day so we popped in to visit Mary and Jeff to cool off in their pool before heading out with them for a great evening at a concert  '99 hits'. New Years Eve was spent at the yacht club with friends, braai-ing and dancing the night away!

                         Position on 31 December S33.54.581 E018.25.137









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