Sydney NYE and Blue Mountains

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Blog & Photos - December 2014

1st - 2nd Dec - Careel Bay and Morning Bay where we spent another pleasant evening on board Yarandoo II with Mike and Sue and fellow cruisers Anne & Jim and Lyn & Brice.

3rd - 7th Dec - Fully stocked up, we headed back up Pittwater to explore more anchorages. Stopped for lunch and a swim at the appropriately named 'Hungry Bay' before anchoring at Jerusalem bay - quite narrow with fabulous sandstone sculptures along the banks. We had just returned to the boat after a quick dinghy tour when the skies turned black and a nasty squall came through - as the boat swung violently from gunnel to gunnel we had visions of a replay of the storm in Marlborough sounds so decided to leg it to a more protected bay. Anchored in Refuge Bay where we stayed for several days - great weather during the day but every evening we had a heavy rain squall. Spent a pleasant evening on board Alchemy - with locals Helen and Tony and friends from Adelaide Janet and John.

8th Dec - We had ordered a new freezer pump which we had to collect from Mona Vale so we sailed back to Careel bay and the next day cycled about 10 kms up hill and down vale to get there - by 11am I'm sure we had used up the last 3 days worth of calories! I've never seen so many steep hills on one road! The calories had to be replenished at lunch but I'm afraid we overdid it a bit so the ride back was a bit harder with all the extra weight!

10th - 12th Dec - Had a good sail back to Sydney and anchored in Spring Cove at Manly for the night before going into Middle Harbour for a couple of days - walked into Crows Nest (another great lunch spot) to pick up a cruising guide for Tasmania.

13th - 16th Dec - Anchored in Rose bay and went into Sydney to watch the 'Extreme sailing' event - the first day's racing had been cancelled due to 'extreme' weather - it was much calmer so we didn't get to see any real exiting stuff. Took a bike ride to Double Bay and ended up on the spectator boat for the 18' skiff racing - great afternoon's entertainment. Had a good sail back to Spring Cove.

17th - 19th Dec - We needed to get stocked up for Christmas and New Year so went back under the Harbour bridge to Birkenhead point and anchored across from a large shopping center - very convenient. Friends Sue & Andy on Spruce pitched up to do the same. When all the lockers were stocked to busting, we took the dinghies across to Cockatoo Island - once home of prisoners, a boys reform school and a major shipbuilding industry - now a museum and camping site.

20th - 23rd Dec - Had to find a convenient spot to pick up Helen so went back to Blackwattle Bay but as that was quite busy we went into the next bay - Rozelle and found a great spot with only one other boat around. Helen arrived on 23rd - great to see her as always - see flotsam for our itinerary.

24th Dec - sailed back to Spring Cove at Manly for Christmas day - met yet another local B57 'The Count'. Christmas day was, as always, a good feast with traditional turkey dinner and Christmas pud finishing off with a wafer thin mint (but not bursting)! The forecast rain didn't arrive until 5pm so Helen was able to get to play on the SUP and we got a Christmas Day swim in before lunch.

26th Dec - motored across to Watson's Bay to watch the start of the 70th Sydney Hobart race - quite a spectacle - so many spectator boats whizzing around in between the racing boats. Picked up a mooring in Rose bay and had a night 'at the Opera' - a must do whilst in Sydney - saw 'Operas greatest Hits' which was done with great Aussie style!

27th - 30th Dec - took the train to the Blue Mountains and spent a very active 3 days hiking around Katoomba, Black Heath and Wentworth Falls - stunning scenery. Back to the boat at Rose Bay where friends Christine and Don and Helen's friend Bonnie joined us for a couple of nights.

31st Dec - Headed out to pick our spot for the NYE fireworks - another must do whilst in Sydney - anchored at Athol Bay - reputedly the best place to see them. Got a great spot and fortunately it wasn't as bad as we were expecting with the number of boats. The evening's entertainment starts at 6pm with an air display then at various intervals: Tug water display; more air displays; acknowledgement of country ceremony; family fireworks at 9pm; Harbour of lights parade; 'inspire moment' and eventually the celebration of the New Year at midnight with an amazing firework display from 6 barges along the harbour and the harbour bridge. What a way to see in the New Year!

  Position on 31 December: S33.52.169 E151.15.496













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