Superted V



For Jean, from Leeds, it all started in a mirror dinghy many years ago - with a cry of 'Get me out of this boat' when Matt forgot to explain what "ready about, lee ho" meant and Jean ended up with a large bump on the head!  Matt, from a small village in the west of Scotland, has over the past 30 years raced various craft, only recently coming round to the idea of 'just cruising'.

Since 1986, we’ve owned a succession of “Superteds” in which we’ve cruised or raced ten of thousands of miles around northern Europe from the Baltic to South Brittany. For the last fifteen years we’ve been based in the Solent in southern England near Southampton, where we have been active members of Marchwood Yacht Club.

Our long standing dream of sailing off over the horizon started to gel with the somewhat premature purchase of Superted V during 2008. This precipitated premature early retirements, Jean from her job as Information Manager and Matt as an Engineer in the Petrochemical industry.  We now look forward to our new life aboard - sailing around the world where we will, we hope, be joined at various stages by our friends and especially our sprogs!