Christmas 2009


Up early to see if Santa had been – sure looks that way!

It's 30 degrees outside so only swimwear needed to sit and open presents!

Presents opened it's time to sort out the turkeys – we had managed to find a turkey breast crown and Adonde had a turkey breast roll (that's not a new kind of dance) so we decided to cook them both together in the same oven. The rest of the cooking was shared between the 3 boats – John on Durban Dancer, Neil and Tracy on Adonde and Matt, Jean and Helen on Superted V.

With the turkey in the oven and the table decorations sorted it was time to chill. Better dress for dinner!

Christmas Dinner Menu

Champagne and devils on horseback


Roast turkey

Potatoes roasted in goose fat

Carrots, green beans, sprouts

2 types of stuffing

Sausages wrapped in bacon

Gravy and cranberry sauce

Selection of wines

--oo-- and a bit later --oo--

Christmas Pudding with fresh cream

--oo-- and much, much later --oo--

Coffee, chocolates and brandy


Tracy did a great job making crackers and hats and testing us with a fun quiz………


then it was time for the jokes – some were quite long and took a lot of reading –

others were very funny some of them were unbelievable

but we got through them all and then it was time for the pud…

Which of course had to be lit with brandy – Neil was in charge and very delicately began by warming the spoon with the brandy in it but the matches didn't last long enough……….

so Jean decided just to pour the brandy over and set fire to it!


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