Chalky Inlet

Chalky Inlet has a very wide exposed, low lying entrance split into 2 channels by Chalky Island. Surprisingly, it has white cliffs at the entrance. It's about 15km long before it splits into 2 sounds (Edwardson and Cunaris) both of which are about 12 km long and more like the northern steep sided fjords.

Entrance to northport anchorage and another rainbow at northport

We had a good sail down from Dusky sound but once again high winds were forecast so we headed for a sheltered anchorage, Northport behind Great Island, where the fishermen have laid stern buoys. We sat out the worst of the weather together with 2 research vessels and a charter fishing boat. Once again we were offered ‘a feed of fish' and actually had to decline lobsters as we still had some in the freezer! As we tied stern-to behind a small island, we noticed a satellite dish on the shore. The wreck of SS Stella, the old tender for the lighthouse, which was lying rusting in the shallows, also had a satellite dish with cables attached. We were told by the fishermen that they can hook up to the dishes and watch the rugby - now was that a wind up or not?

Charter Fishing boat and research vessels and the satelite dish on the wreck of the Stella

The weather gave Jean a chance to ‘rest her ribs' for a few days. Once it cleared a bit, we headed out a few miles further towards the entrance to Southport and found a good anchorage without too many sand flies. The guide describes an ‘easy' walk from the beach across the neck to Seek Cove in Preservation. We headed out from the supposed starting point and after several attempts to get through the windswept bush, we finally fought our way through to the other side where we had a good view of the entrance to Preservation Inlet and a wander along the beach. Back at the boat we were able to sit in the cockpit and have a celebratory G & T and birthday cake for Matt's birthday without being bothered by bugs – yeah!

Windswept bush which we fought our way through and Seek Cove beach at Preservation Inlet

Matt (now 60) with his birthday cheesecake


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