Diving in Boanire

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - August 2010

3rd August -  After spending the last 2 weeks working every day on the boat, we finally launched.  We spent a couple of days getting everything back to normal (sails, windmill on etc ) before heading back to Prickly Bay on 5th August for a final catch up with friends to say goodbye (again!)

9th August - The start of our trip west!  Very little wind!  Our original plan of sailing straight to Bonaire was always in doubt because of what we had heard about Los Roques - everyone we had met said not to miss them.  However because of the lack of wind we thought we may as well just sail to Blanquilla which was on the way there. 

10th August - Arrived as the sun came up with dolphins escorting us in between the islands of Blanquilla.  As the seas and wind got up, we headed for the anchorage but it was looking decidedly uncomfortable so on to the next anchorage - that didn't inspire us either so we decided to head for Los Roques.  Out went the fishing lines once more - before long the squidly was doing it's job - we pulled in a horse eyed jack which we put back then a large barracuda which we also put back.........then just as the sun was going down we had another bite - we actually saw a flash of blue darting across the water to grab the squidly!  A lovely maui-maui.  Matt proceeded to sort it out and an hour later we had the most delicious dinner!  As night fell, we sailed on and I watched shooting stars in a clear sky - perfect end to the day.  

11th - 15th August - Spent idyllic days visiting different anchorages of the islands of Los Roques - had some amazing snorkeling - the seas abound with fish life - so much so the birds were totally ignoring a neat pile of rubbish on one of the islands - obviously had much better things to eat! 

15th August - On to Las Aves - 2 small islands between Los Roques and Bonaire.  Had dolphins swimming with us - when the main pod left, a group of 5 decided to stay with us for about 10 miles! 

15th - 17th August spent on Las Aves - named because of the sea birds who nest in the mangroves - what a fantastic sight in the early evening - mainly boobies - but what a noise and smell too if you got down wind of them! 

17th August - Regrettably had to leave the Venezuelan Islands and head for Bonaire.  Not much wind again but arrived before sunset. 

17th - 31st August - on a buoy in the bay of Kralendijk (no anchoring anywhere around the island as it is a designated world heritage marine park).  Met up with Bob and Elaine on Pipestrelle and were introduced to the best diving sites by Richard & Elaine on Nemo who have spent the last few hurricane seasons in the ABCs so know the area very well. 

                Lat and Long at the end of August:          12.09.0N   68.23.0W

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