August  2009 

 Superted V

Blog & Photos - August 2009

What a very busy month! It began with the Carriacou regatta - a 3 day extravaganza of yacht and work boat racing. The first race was a double handed round the island race which we thought we'd enter as everyone said it was just for fun. To cut a long story short and much to our surprise we won! There's more about it in Flotsam. That was the only race we entered as the others were 'round the cans'. On Sunday there was the work boat racing which was fabulous to watch - so much 'liming' and shouting going on - very close racing and even closer after lunch and a drop or two of rum! There was lots of social activity planned by the CCEF (Carriacou Children's Education Fund) which included BBQ's, an auction and an 'under 10$ table' which we helped to run - besides being a lot of fun - a good amount of money was raised for this worthwhile charity

As it had rained quite a bit over the previous few weeks we got a bit fed up of being wet in the cockpit so we decided to have some alterations done to the spray hood and bimini to make it a little more waterproof. 'In Stitches' came to measure up and whilst the bits were being made we hightailed it back down to Grenada for the Grenada Carnival - an explosion of sights and sounds (especially sounds) but not to be missed - again more about it in Flotsam. We treated ourselves to a special offer in Port Louis marina in St Georges for the period of the carnival and were mostly glad we did as we were right in the centre of town - the noise was a bit too much on the first night though and we struggled to get any sleep at all!

Once the carnival was over we headed back up to Carriacou to get our new 'rain sides' fitted. We spoke to them on the phone before we left and were told it was almost finished and we should have it the day after we arrived. Of course we had to take into account 'Island Time' so we finally got it 3 days later - and at that we were having the finishing touches put to it at 7 o'clock in the morning!

We had intended to leave for Tobago the previous evening but had to put it off for a day - once we did set off we were a bit nervous as tropical storm 'Bill' appeared to be heading our way so we put in to St David's in Grenada to check out the National Hurricane Centre website and saw that they had classed it as a hurricane but predicting the track to be further north. We set off that evening. If you read the pilot books about sailing from Grenada to Tobago they basically say 'don't do it' - go north to Carriacou and go from there and with a fair wind you might make it to Tobago - OK we had missed our opportunity to go from Carriacou but thought we'd have a go anyway and if necessary put into Trinidad. As it turned out we had a great sail - made it on one tack to the north eastern corner of Tobago - had some tide with us at one point which did help.

We haven't been disappointed - Tobago is fabulous - the snorkelling and diving really good - so good that we decided to do another diving course so are now certified 'Advanced Open Water PADI divers'. The corals and sponges are amazing - we have seen so many fish from a seahorse to nurse sharks! On several sails between the various bays we've had bottlenose dolphins bow riding with us and Matt caught a very tasty Maui Maui - we also had a large barracuda on the line but it took the hook, bait, traces and part of the line and disappeared! We are planning to do more exploring of Tobago so may spend a few more weeks here - keeping an eye on the national hurricane centre website of course and besides the laundry facilities are good here!


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Carriacou prize Giving Superted V on the line at the start Work Boat racing Work Boat racing Work Boat racing Work Boat racing Work Boat racing Work Boat racing 10$ and Under table at the CCEF function Carriacoou Yacht Club hosting CCEF auction - complete with chickens and cows running about! In Stitches team measuring up for our new rain protector! Grenada Carnival - Monday Mas Grenada Carnival - Monday Mas Teams Carib and Lime getting ready to party Carnival Queen White body paint for the Jouvert party Bateaux Bay, Tobago Good catch of Maui Maui Seine net being pulled in - Castara Bay Seine net in but a small catch for such hard work London Bridge rock at the north-eastern tip of Tobago - the Atlantic to the east and the Caribbean to the west Waiting for a bus to go shopping Local supermarket Going to do laundry Well it's one step up from doing it in the river! Not sure if Matt agrees!

11.18.40N   60.31.60W