Matt & Jean at Spitfire Bay, Naviti

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Blog & Photos - Aug 2013

1 - 3 August - Left Musket Cove to start a mini cruise in the Mamamuca and Yasawa islands. Spent one night at Mana then on to Kuata. Great little bay in good weather with good snorkeling - spent a couple of idyllic days there and were joined by our friends Barbara and Michael on Astarte but unfortunately the wind got up and it got very rolly....made a quick exit and headed north to Naviti.

4 - 7 August - Vunayawa Nay, Naviti. We had read about a WWII Helcat dive bomber being lost in one of the bays 'Spitfire Bay' (talk about misnomer!) so took off for a walk across the island to find it. However our first attempt ended up thick in the bush in the middle of the island - back to the start and search again for the hidden path. Fortunately we met a local who showed us where the path began - an easy walk across the island. We had taken a picnic so spent a pleasant couple of hours before going to search for the lost aircraft. We had no exact location and couldn't see where it would be so were just about to give up when along came some friendly locals who pointed it out to us - must admit I was rather disappointed at the size of it! What bits there are left are providing a nice home for the local sea life. Grand day out with successful mission!

8 - 10 August - came back down to Yalobi bay on Waya. Quite a traditional village where we did our only Sevusevu of these islands.

11 August - Stopped off at a lovely island at Navandra but it got very rolly in the night so we left quite early. We had booked dental checkups in Lautoka and needed to re-provision so we anchored off Lautoka - only 1 night - the sugar processing mill was working full blast and with the wind blowing our way we woke up the next morning to see that we had been 'caned'! Dentist appointments went well - I just had to have a little work done on the filling I had done in Tonga last year and a clean and polish - Matt had to have 4 small fillings - all done very quickly and effectively.

12 - 21 August - Vuda Point marina for a few days. Our parcels from Helen had arrived with the replacement furler belts - yipee!! Much time spent cleaning and polishing and general preparing for our forthcoming trip to New Caledonia. (We are now on plan Z - after hearing many stories from folk who have been to Vanuatu, we decided it was worth spending more than a month there so we decided to leave our trip to Vanuatu until next year - go straight to New Caledonia then go back to New Zealand - instead of onto Oz!) Once all the business in the marina was sorted, I was ready to leave but Matt insisted that we should go back to Musket cove for a few more days and wait for better weather. We got there and once again met up with Astarte. Over the next couple of days more friends arrived. We had met and been in contact with many boats since our arrival in Tahiti last year so it seemed fitting that we should have a last get-together before we all spit up again. Unbeknown to me, it was all pre-planned! Knowing that most of them would not be with us for my 60th birthday in September, Matt had organised a surprise 'pre-60th' party. Barbara from Astarte had been the main co-ordination officer! Such a great surprise to see everyone together singing 'Happy Birthday' as we arrived at the BBQ area. Lots of lovely pressies and Barbara had written a very clever 'Ode to Jean' which provided much amusement. Sandy from Gypsea Heart made a great video of all the photos people had taken. The ode and more photos on flotsam.

22 - 25th August - Back to Newtown beach to await good weather to check out and head for New Caledonia. We were once again joined by Astarte, Gypsea Heart and Chapter 2. Had a game of golf on the airport course and a day shopping in Nadi with the girls doing last minute provisioning. Another last farewell get-together.

26th - 30th August - Left Lautoka, Fiji at 10.15am on 26th and arrived in Pot Boise, New Caledonia on 30th August around midnight. Total miles 668.5 - average speed 7.69 knots. First day was a bit boisterous but then it calmed down and we had a beam reach all the way. See flotsam.

31st August - Sailed around to Noumea to check in and spend a few days in the marina - very, very French - great to be able to buy cheeses and hams and baguettes! First impressions the landscape is like the west coast of Scotland and New Zealand. Seems to be lots of great cruising so looking forward to a couple of months here.



Position as at 31 August - S22.16.612 E166.26.397