Superted V - Blog & Photos

April 2015

1- 2 April - Spent a couple of nights just south of Brisbane at the Gold coast - met up with friends Jennifer and James from Dirona.

3 - 6 April - Sailed up the coast to just north of Brisbane - Moreton Bay - a great playground for the Brisbanites! Over the Easter break it got incredibly busy but still enjoyable. A couple of dozen wrecks covering about 300m have been sunk about 50m offshore at Tangalooma to provide shelter from winter westerlies and serve as an artificial reef. Not sure if there were more fish or barbies, but its a good snorkelling area and nice to get into the water - which, despite being quite close to Brisbane, is very clear.

7 - 22 April - Newport Marina at Scarborough 30Km north of Brisbane - hired a car and spent a couple of weeks touring the local area. Jane (friend from South African days) was visiting her daughter Amy in Brisbane so they both came down to spend a bit of time with us. Played a couple of rounds of golf on Bribie Island which confirmed that we're really out of practice! Did a tourist trip around Brisbane which included a trip up and down the river on the ferry. Went to the Cirque du Soleil 'Totem' which was a bit disappointing - too much clowning about and not enough of the very skilled acrobatics. Hiked up a couple of the Glasshouse mountains (Blackall range) and the D'Anguilar range. Had the liferaft serviced - whilst we were there they inflated it - interesting to see but I definitely don't want to see it inflated anywhere else! Met up with friends Sue & Andy on Spruce and Jan & Rich on Slipaway and finally did more provisioning!

22 April - Left Newport marina and had a good 80 mile sail north to Wide bay near the entrance to Fraser island - dropped the hook in the early hours of the morning - back to long dark nights - it gets dark at around 5.30pm and stays dark for just over 12 hours. Managed to get a couple of hours kip before we had to be off to catch the top of the tide to get over the bar and into the calm waters inside Fraser Island.

23 - 26 April - Survived the treacherous entrance to Fraser island and the 'Mad Mile' - thankfully all very benign with calm winds. Fraser Island is a world heritage site - reputedly the biggest sand island in the world - it certainly has lots of sand banks to navigate. Moving around the shallows involves working the tides a bit like the Dutch Friesland Islands. Unfortunately we were not helped by the fact that it was neap tides, so despite getting the timing right for the shallow points and the watershed, we managed to touch the bottom in several places. Steely nerves and a bit of throttle saw us through. On a walk ashore we saw the first sign of many, I'm sure, warning of salties (crocs) but nevertheless we fearlessly paddled through the mangrove swamps in canoe and paddle board!

26 - 28 April - Left early evening for an overnight sail to kidney shaped atol Lady Musgrave Island - one of the islands that defines the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. Made and used some google earth maps (see flotsam 47 Get the picture...... ) overlaid on the chart to navigate as well as eyeballing our way through the bommies (isolated coral 'hills'). It was great to be in a reef anchorage again - gin clear water, healthy coral and a small island to walk around. As is quite usual in these reef anchorages we were adopted by a couple of pet remoras living under the boat!

29 - 30 April - Forecasting a tropical low with high winds and rain so skedaddled back to the mainland to tuck up a creek (Pancake creek) but fortunately with a paddle! And thank goodness we did - the heavens opened and the wind blew - as I'm writing this we can hardly tell where the sky finishes and the sea starts!

Position on 30 April S24.00.674 E151.44.223














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