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Blog & Photos - April 2013

2nd April - Yep we did make it into the water - after a very busy Easter weekend of cleaning and polishing we finally removed the ladder and put the boat where it belonged - in the water! No more running up and down the ladder - better think of a different form of exercise now! However we had organized to have the galley tops re-done so had to head straight to the marina in the town basin. Well at least we were in the water!

3rd - 5th April - Tommy and Steve from Northland Laminates set to work fitting the galley tops which they had pre-made in their factory. They did a great job - the finish is really high quality with lots of attention to detail.

6th April - Took the car up to Opua to sell back to Phil at 'Cars for Cruisers' - met up with friends from Victory and Astarte for lunch to catch up on the latest and pick up some mail which had been delivered to the marina - oops is that a speeding fine? Oh dear - give me a break though - it's not often I get to go above 10 mph! Bus back to Whangarei. The plan was to set off at high water that evening but we still had the oil change etc to do so thought we would just stay an extra day to get those jobs done. Well, as is so typical of these things, we discovered that there was no water coming out of the engine exhaust - the heat exchanger was blocked so that had to be cleaned out - it was the end of the day before that was done and we still had the oil changes to do. So we stayed another day...

8th April - finally got away from the marina but only a few miles down the river as high water was quite late so we couldn't get out until around 6pm. We anchored off Limestone island - it was so good to be at anchor again. Spent the next night at anchor in Urquarts Bay - Jean trying out her new fishing rod - caught 2 weenie snappers which went straight back.

10th - 20th April - We had intended to spend a couple of weeks cruising up the coast to the Bay of Islands and set off with the intention of just going around 20 miles the first day - however the wind was ideal and the bottom of the boat so slippy that we just couldn't stop! So we just kept going until we finally rounded Cape Brett and anchored in Deep Bay in the Bay of Islands - fabulous sail doing an average of around 8.5 knots! Spent a pleasant evening with Sandy and Rankin from Gypsea Heart who had been there for a few days. Over the next few days the weather was still really good so we took the opportunity to go for a snorkel (bit chilly so we didn't stay in long!) and to re-waterproof the bimini and sprayhood. Later in the week strong winds were forecast so we sailed to a more secure anchorage where we met up with Victory and Astarte. And yes the wind did get up - 40 knots in the night again!

21st April - sailed round to Russell accompanied into the bay by dolphins and low and behold what should we see there but another Beneteau 57! We met the owners, Marie-Jeanne and Barry, who had been in NZ for 2 years and had decided to stay and base themselves in Russell - we spent time on both our boats discovering what we had each done in the way of upgrades! Very interesting.

22nd April - Moved around to Opua marina for final provisioning and waiting for that 'weather window'.

25th April - Set off on our 1200 mile exiting passage to Fiji (which I said when we arrived in Opua that I wouldn't do - what it is to have a short memory!!) Read our daily blog here.

Position on 30th April - S22.57.370 E176.57 746 (careering about mid ocean - about 400 miles away from Fiji)

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