Matt recovering in Boquete

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Blog & Photos - April 2011

1st - 10th April - Spent travelling between Panama City and David and Matt having his operation in David - which I'm pleased to report went very well. We took the opportunity to have a look around the pacific coast on the way up to David and then a few days R & R in the mountains in Boquete (beautiful flowers and big beasties!) after his operation - slowing making our way back to Panamarina. We had a treat at one of the places we stayed - the owner was an ex DJ from Canada and had a fabulous collection of vinyl and numerous speakers throughout the property - so part of Matt's recuperation was a rendition of 'Money for Nothing' at full blast!

13th to 30th April - Back in the San Blas - visiting some of our favourite places and some islands which we hadn't been to before. We were disappointed by the new restaurant which had opened up on one of the East Lemmon Islands  - we spent a very wakeful night whilst they played boom boom 'music' all day and all night long. The good thing about having a movable home is that you can just move away from noisy neighbours - which we did the very next day! When we sailed past there on our way back there were no boats in what had been a very popular anchorage - is this a sign of things to come? Easter weekend we spent in the company of 20 other boats at the Coco Bandaras with Italian and Spanish organising a great beach party on the Saturday. Had a bit of a hair-raising experience on one island which we hadn't been to before - Aridup.  When we got to the anchorage which is marked in the guide, it was quite rolly so we had decided to move on after lunch. However we had a visit from a Kuna who told us that there was a deep entrance to the bay on the other side of the island and he could go in his ulu and show us the way in.  So we headed in between the reefs with the ulu marking the 'entrance'.  It turned out to be a very narrow entrance marked by 2 bits of polystyrene (which we initially thought were marking fish traps) which we just about managed to get through.  We got through into what turned out to be a lovely deep bay. When Matt went to survey the entrance before we headed back out, he found that the polystyrene entrance markers were actually in the middle of large coral heads!  Various other bits of coral protruded into the channel before and after the entrance.  How we managed to get in without doing some damage to the boat we'll never know. With a great bit of pilotage from Matt we did get out safely but will not be going back there in a hurry!  We spent some quiet days and some social days on different islands on what was probably our last trip to the San Blas (according to our current plans anyway!)

                Lat and Long April 30th           09.33.78N    78.51.55W  


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