April  2010

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Blog & Photos - April 2010

Month of the big swells!!

1st - 3rd April - Bumped into French friends Phillipe, Christine and Thomas on Petit Loups 2 - spent time with them on Ile Gossier, Guadelopue. 

3rd April - no wind - motored to St Louis on Marie Galant.  Big swell in the evening so sailed to Grand Bourg and anchored in small fishing harbour - bit like anchoring in Yarmouth on Isle of Wight (if you were allowed!) 

5th April - took advantage of being to the east of Les Saintes and sailed down the east coast of Martinique - many lovely flat reef anchorages.  On the way down we were treated to a fabulous display of humpback whales skyhopping and fin and tail slapping - thank goodness we weren't too near!  Spent time kayaking the inlets of Bay de Tresor and Havre du Robert and shallow snorkelling - pretty gardens of coral each protected by damsel fish defending their territory. 

8th April - Good sail to Cul de Sac Marin on south west coast to stock up on supplies.  Weather had turned rainy whilst we were on east coast and in Marin it poured for 2 days solidly.  Watched the forecasts carefully looking for that precious 'weather window' to get to Barbados to the east of Martinique - we were going to be 'mother ship' to Matthew and his crew Richard whilst they sailed in the Fireball World championships.

10th April - Despite the rain and squalls decided that it was our best chance of getting a reasonable north easterly so set off overnight for Barbados - very long, dark night full of squalls and large seas.  Arrived in Bridgetown early morning. To check in at customs we had to use the cruise ships dock which involved a death defying leap ashore!  Anchored in Carlisle Bay in the visitors area.  Very noisy and rolly and quite far from the yacht club where the Fireballs worlds would be based so moved further along the bay and after several rolly nights in various places (very unusual this swell, we were told by the locals) thought we had the perfect spot in between the Barbados Yacht Club and the Barbados Cruising Club.  The members of the Barbados Cruising Club were great - very welcoming and friendly - we spent quite a bit of time away from the rolling boat in their clubhouse and joined them in a mini rally further up the coast the following weekend.  The swell eventually died down so we decided to stay where we were but after having caught a stern anchor rope on the rudder in one of our nightly 360-ies we decided to put down 2 forward anchors and another rope attached to 2 old engine blocks which Matt had found lying on the bottom nearby.  After we dragged that around in the night he finally managed (with the aid of a large fender) to move a very large fisherman's anchor and attach it to the engine blocks.  Finally we settled down to wait for our guests.

24th April - Matthew, Jo, Richard and Lucy joined us on board for 2 weeks.  It was great to have them on board.  The spot we had was perfect for them to get to and from the yacht club and they soon settled in - the first week was the International week for the Fireballs - a preliminary warm up for the worlds. Jo's Mum Gill and Andy joined us on board for a couple of BBQ's.  However half way through the week the swell decided to come back with a vengeance - this time huge rollers - we had surfers practically surfing the waves next to us - after a very disturbed night of being in danger of being rolled towards the beach, we decided to move - we were offered a mooring buoy which was a little further away but it turned out to be a perfect place from which to watch the racing! Despite the rolling about in the night the boys came 5th in the international week event.  

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