April  2009 

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Blog & Photos - April 2009

1st to 24th April - Pete & Pat were very enthusiastic and were keen to do a lot of sailing during their month long stay.  They were also of the same mind of us when it came to avoiding crowded marinas and busy touristy places.  They were flying back from Antigua so we planned to visit as many islands as was practical and to do as much sailing as possible.  A synopsis of the log is on Flotsam if you would like to know where we went.  We had to motor sail only once on the lee side of one of the islands but apart form that we had some fantastic sails. 

1st April - Matt's official retirement day was spent playing at Tobago Cays - swimming, snorkelling and windsurfing!  How cool is that?  Even the 'old timers' had a go at windsurfing. 

Being a retired fisherman, we set Pete to catch us some fish for our suppers - it only took 3 weeks before we had a serious catch!  Prior to that we had some bites which we would rather have not had - a moray eel, some small red snappers and a barracuda.  But the taste of freshly caught Tuna was well worth the wait.  We still have some tuna and tunnie fillets in the freezer! Despite the lack of fish, Pat made sure that we were always well fed with her innovative cooking - we had some fabulous meals - only once having to eat in because of the rain.  But they did find time to enjoy themselves too - Pat thoroughly getting into her newly acquired skill of snorkelling.

On our travels, we had sightings of Atlantic Spotted dolphins, a Pilot whale and were treated to a very special display of breaching by a young Humpback whale with it's mother - we don't have photos to publish but we do have a lasting memory.

 We found some fantastic anchorages - some quite tricky reef ones with very narrow entrances!  Even during the crowded Antigua Classic week - we were able to avoid the crowds and drop the hook in clear turquoise waters.  

21st April - Met up with Jean's cousin and friends who were in Antigua on a cruise ship for the day.

24th April - we said good bye to Pete & Pat in Antigua - hoping they will come and join us again some time.

26th April - had very fast and furious sail to St Martins - 96 miles in 10 hours - 20 - 25 knots of wind and big seas but very good. 

27th - 30th St Martins - Carnival time - Grand Parade was at 10am IMT which eventually started at 4pm IMT (Island Maybe Time) but it was worth the wait - lots of great costumes and what a celebration of the female form!! 

And so to the Virgin Islands....... 

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